(EXPIRED) Kroger: Save $3 On Variable Load Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards With Digital Coupon

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We shared earlier about the new digital coupons offering 4x fuel points at Kroger. They have released another digital coupon today that can save you money on the activation fee for Visa and Mastercard gift cards. Unlike normal Kroger deals though, this one is good on variable load gift cards.

Kroger Variable Load VGC 05.20.20

The Deals & Key Terms

  • Save $3 on Visa & Mastercard gift cards, including variable load gift cards.

Key Terms

  • Expires June 9, 2020.

Quick Thoughts

Saving $3 on a variable load Visa or Mastercard gift card means you’ll only pay a $2.95 activation fee when buying a $500 Visa or Mastercard gift card.

That’s a great deal, especially when paying with a credit card that offers bonused spend at grocery stores. If you’ve already maxed out May’s 3x/5x allowance on some Chase cards, this deal will still be around when that spend limit resets on June 1.

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Is the last day to use this today June 8th or tomorrow June 9th? Also one trick I found is to use the app and sign up with a different email address and you can get the digital coupon again and again and so on.

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If you are in Stop&Shop area it makes more sense to use those elevated points promos on the current 3x gas points on VGCs.


Not sure where you are seeing that variable load cards will work. On my account, when I pull up the digital offer, there is a “Qualifying Products” section at the bottom of the offer, and only the fixed load cards are shown.

I do hope you’re right, though.


I think there are two promotions. One is for 4x fuel points which seems to be fixed value. Then the $3 off one. It doesn’t appear the latter excludes the variable, but who knows!


When loading the offer in my account it showed Visa and MasterCard $20-$ 500 Gift cards under qualifying products. Also to piggyback off of Stephens comment the last offer they just ran for $3 off worked on variable load vgc/mgc


My Kroger flavor is “Fred Meyer” (West coast) and it doesn’t show up and I’ve had to wait in the Customer Service line in the past to get a manual adjustment. (Not worth it)

I’ll definitely give this a try, however.


I’m on the west coast too and Fred Meyer is also my Kroger “flavor”. I’ve had the same issue in the past with the coupon on vgc and having to get a manual adjustment. The deal that just ended though worked perfectly without any needed customer service. I’ve found Fred Meyer digital coupons to be ymmv. It seems every week at least one doesn’t work properly and I have to get an adjustment.


I just got back from my Fred Meyer Kroger and they worked like a charm!