Leak: Chase may end Ultimate Rewards pooling


Over the past year, there have been rumblings / rumors / fears that Chase might someday limit the ability to combine Ultimate Rewards from one account with another (see this post at Doctor of Credit from July 2017, where he covers surveys that included a number of options that would limit the ability to transfer between cards or limit the value of transfers between cards). At the moment, it is possible to combine your points between two Ultimate Rewards accounts in your household or combine them with a joint business owner (e.g. from your Freedom to your Sapphire Reserve or from your partner’s Sapphire Preferred to your Ink Business Preferred, etc). We have received a report from a trusted source that Chase is actively looking at eliminating the ability to pool points in a household and the ability to move points to a more valuable card. At the moment, this is still just a rumor, but you may want to preemptively combine your points if you have points sitting in a less valuable account.

Why combine points?

There are many ways to gather a large sum of Ultimate Rewards points (See our resource page: Amassing Ultimate Rewards for some ideas), but all Ultimate Rewards points are not created equal.

For example, my wife had a balance of several hundred thousand Ultimate Rewards points in her Ink Business Preferred account that she just transferred to her Sapphire Reserve account so as to have the option to use those points for 1.5 cents in value toward travel booked through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. While we generally prefer to transfer to airline and hotel partners, it makes sense to have the most valuable backup option possible. You can only book travel at a value of 1.25 cents per point with the Ink Business Preferred, so she’ll take an extra .25 cents per point with the Sapphire Reserve.

You only get 1.5 cents per point at the Chase Travel Portal with the Chase Sapphire Reserve, so it makes sense to combine points from other accounts to a CSR account.

Similarly, I had points earned from a Freedom card that could only be redeemed for 1 cent per point via that card and could not be transferred to Chase transfer partners (as the points need to be in a premium account to transfer to airline and hotel programs). I just moved those points over to my own Ink Plus account as that account carries the ability to transfer to partner loyalty programs. Part of the reason I did this was to have a sizable balance of points in each of our names (mine and my wife’s) in order to transfer to each of our own loyalty accounts. Currently, Chase allows you to transfer points from a premium card (Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, Ink Business Preferred or some currently unavailable products like the Ink Plus) to your own loyalty account or the loyalty account of someone who is an authorized user on your account. We have not heard anything to indicate that transfers to travel partners would change. I may reconsider keeping a balance in my own account and transfer all of our points to my wife’s Sapphire Reserve, knowing that she could add me as an authorized user in the future in order to transfer to my loyalty accounts if necessary.

Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer
If you want to transfer to partner loyalty programs, you’ll need to first move your points to an Ultimate Rewards balance associated with a premium card account.

Transfer difficulties? Create a loop

If you have trouble transferring between accounts, some users have been able to combine points between their own accounts — like from Bob’s Freedom to Bob’s Sapphire Reserve — via secure message.

However, you may run into an issue if you try to connect more than one of your cards to a single card that belongs to someone else. Chase allows you to combine/transfer to someone else who lives in your household (or a co-owner of your business for business cards), but I’ve had complications with this from time to time.

For example, let’s say that Joe and Suzy live in the same household and are joint owners of a business and have the following accounts:

Joe first combines points from his Freedom Unlimited to Suzy’s Sapphire Reserve. Later, he logs into his Ink Business Preferred account and tries to combine points with Suzy’s Sapphire Reserve. Joe may run into an error adding Suzy’s Sapphire Reserve card to combine points. This has happened in our household several times. In that case, Joe should log into his Freedom Unlimited account and remove Suzy as a household member (click “remove saved card). About 24 hours later, he should be able to add Suzy to his Ink Business Preferred in order to combine his points to her account.

The easy solution I’ve found is to create a loop. In the example scenario they should transfer like this:

Joe’s Freedom Unlimited–>Joe’s Ink Business Preferred—>Suzy’s Sapphire Reserve—>Joe’s Freedom Unlimited

Creating a loop chain has solved that problem in my household. As noted, it took 24 hours after removing accounts to re-add them to other cards, so be aware of that limitation.

Bottom line

While there have long been rumors that Chase might limit or end the ability to combine Ultimate Rewards points, the timing on this particular leak does make some sense. We recently reported an offer to earn 3x everywhere for 1 year with the Chase Freedom Unlimited for new cardholders. That offer has sporadically, but not consistently, shown up on the Chase homepage (though it is easily available via the link in our post). Awarding 3x everywhere would presumably get very expensive for Chase if people were to sign up and transfer all of their Freedom Unlimited-earned points to the Sapphire Reserve — effectively earning 4.5% cash back everywhere for a year if the points are used towards travel through the Ultimate Rewards portal. Is it possible that we haven’t seen that offer mass marketed because Chase is working on limiting transfers? Again, we don’t know that they are any closer today than they were last July when Doctor of Credit first posted about the surveys — but I can imagine a world where this makes sense. While the 3x Freedom Unlimited offer is subject to 5/24 and thus excludes many people who frequently open and close accounts, consider a married couple where one person is under 5/24 and the other has a Sapphire Reserve. Chase may be looking to eliminate the expense of allowing people to combine points, especially considering how popular the Sapphire Reserve was (and the high retention rates that have been reported).

Also keep in mind that eliminating the ability to combine points isn’t the only possible negative solution. In the Doctor of Credit piece linked at the top of this post, Chase was exploring options including reducing the value of points earned on no-fee cards (such as transferring those points 3:2 to a more valuable card).

A change this significant no doubt requires considerable planning and IT to execute. We do not have a timeline nor a confirmation that this is a definite eventuality, but our source confirmed that it is a serious point of discussion that is actively being pursued at high levels. As it has been nearly a year since this was first discussed, I would not expect changes to be coming in the immediate future. It would nonetheless be prudent to move your points to your most valuable account and/or an account that allows transfers to partners in order to be prepared if an unannounced change were to spring forth in the future.

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I noticed I can no longer transfer my Ink points to my reserve account, I was able to transfer them to my freedom account than to the reserve account, things are changing it was fun while it lasted time to think of Amex trifecta now.


I’ve been transferring Ink points for over a year and a half now. I logged in today to make a transfer and my reserve account was removed so I tried to add it again and it confirms its a chase account but gives me a message unable to make a transfer. I hope this didn’t end.


I’ve been transferring points since 2017 no problem. I logged in today to transfer the account was there it is only linked to my reserve account. I tried to transfer it said it can’t transfer points the account then disappeared I then tried to add my reserve account again I see the check marks confirming it’s a chase account then when I hit confirm it says error. After several times I added my freedom card and it says confirmed and the transfer went through to my freedom card. I saw on another blog that others are having this problem and they called in and chase doesn’t allow it anymore. I didn’t call in to confirm this but if you want to move points do it now.

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I received an error when attempting to combine points from my Chase Ink Business to my CSR account today. Called and was told that can no longer combine points from the business cards to CSR because CSR points are more valuable. They did however move my points to my Freedom and then to my CSR account.

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Count me as another who would go from Chase to Amex or Citi if this happened. Citi’s DoubleCash card gives 2% across the board. Amex has their MR ecosystem which is pretty similar to Chase’s.

These aren’t just words on a blog comment either — There are still companies I’ve not done business with in 10+ years and plan on keeping it that way for a long time.

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My experience: have been unable to transfer points to my wife’s Sapph Pref from my Freedom via combine points for a few months, but secure message made it happen. (I figured it was due to the IT problems a while back?) Now I’m just thinking it’s related to the point in this post. BUT, I HAVE been able to transfer to my wife’s regular Sapphire (no Preferred) and then to her Sapph Pref within her account. So loop I shall…

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If Chase does this and the other CC’S companies will be happy but at the same time will probably not come out with good signup bonuses knowing that people will be desperate for new cc’s


So having this card and completing the MSR I need to have this business card and my personal card accounts combined in order to transfer the points?

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Ed Dee

Trying to combine points from my wife’s Ink Business Cash to my CSR but getting an error “This card is not eligible to receive points from you at this time” when trying to add CSR account. Any ideas why?


Most of the errors that I see are because another card is linked to the card that you’re trying to move points to. Make sure that you unlink all other cards from your CSR and wait about 24 hours before trying to link your wife’s card. If all else fails, your wife can give Chase a call and they can move the points over the phone.


Quit making up stories to increase your audience….

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[…] rumor released by Frequent Miler today has the potential to affect many U.S. award travelers if proved to be true. The Ultimate […]


Along with their new account offers, the value of the UR program with the ability to pool points is part of the reason why we started our banking relationship with Chase in the first place. We’ve made it our main bank- both personal and business checking and savings accounts. We – and probably several others also – would have to seriously rethink that if they really do make this change. Would really leave a bad taste…


I think the general public would not use their card if thats true. Amex/Citi would be very happy with this change.


Preemptively, seems to be best to pool everything from business (and personal) cards to one personal card of some sort for those of us who don’t have Reserve at this point. Then could product change up to Reserve later when we want to use the points. Right? (Pooling in Sapphire Preferred is the obvious choice if you have it but not Reserve, however any personal UR earning card would do)


Even Citi allows this.


If this happens, I will move all my non-category spend to US Bank Altitude Reserve, Amex BBP, travel to Citi Prestige and Premier, and will convert CSR and all other Chase UR cards to Freedom.


Somehow I don’t think it is coincidental that the CFU just got new the offer of 3% cash back for 1st year. It is too generous to give 3x points with no annual fee and they are definitely losing money on that. Now it makes more sense that they have an active plan to make sure the offer is indeed 3% cash back not 3x points by taking out the pooling.


I doubt they are losing more money on this offer. The normal offer for CFU is $150 bonus, after just $500 spend. You need to spend at least $10000 in the first year to get the same amount.


If that’s the case, Chase should just make CFU w/the 3% as a cash card only.


Amex does not restrict point pooling and we all know that their non-premium cards have category bonuses that the Platinum charge does not have.


I bet Joe and Suzy will switch all spend to AMEX


Instantly the Ink Cash and Freedom cards would become toast at that point. Any number of cards are better than those cards if the transfer ability is taken away.


Huh? 5% is still 5%, you don’t get better with anything (only BCP’s 6%).


Only if you want cash or just use their travel portal…but then again there’s a limit to that 5% (30k max a year). Not much value there if you ask me


“Joe first combines points from his Freedom Unlimited to Suzy’s Sapphire Reserve. Later, he logs into his Ink Business Preferred account and tries to combine points with Suzy’s Sapphire Reserve. Joe may run into an error adding Suzy’s Sapphire Reserve card to combine points. This has happened in our household several times. In that case, Joe should log into his Freedom Unlimited account and remove Suzy as a household member (click “remove saved card). About 24 hours later, he should be able to add Suzy to his Ink Business Preferred in order to combine his points to her account.”

Where can I find the tab or page allowing me to transfer points from my wife’s Chase Ink Preferred to my old Chase Ink Plus by removing her as a household member on another card? All I’m seeing is the ability to add a household member, not remove one.

[…] sounds like Chase may be looking to limit this ability in the near future.Via Frequent Miler, Chase may be making a move to limit transfers from a “lesser” Ultimate Rewards card to […]


I’ve been moving points from Freedom cards to CSR and Ink to prevent accidentally using points with ChasePay. Wonder if Chase will flag accounts if everyone starts moving points to the one CSR in the household. Moving as we speak, of course

This is kind of like the limit on Citi TY points from checking accounts. Why make two sets of rules??


Blah blah blah…

You will all stick with Chase after all



Not really, I’d switch all to amex since it’s all about ease and value. I’d just adapt to the transfer partners that would be available.


I agree with TBB. Also his site is legendary. This team puts together some excellent content too of course!


I hope people aren’t downvoting this comment because he likes the content the Frequent Miler team puts together?! This is one of my favorite sites that comes out with original content on a consistent basis and I would hope most of the readers agree we are lucky to have them around!


Sock drawer this card if they do this


Freedom Unlimited’s 1.5x everywhere combined with CSR is extremely compelling and FU would receive the vast majority of non-bonus spending. We will switch to Amex Everyday Preferred if pooling is eliminated. Even better is Blue Business Plus. Chase would only get our travel/dining spend and bonuses worth churning. No more organic spend.


I have four chase cards, and if such thing happens i will stop using three of them and cancel one of them for sure and may keep the Amazon Prime card only. That is the fact because If you are not worried about your credit score to drop a little (as in my case) there is nothing stopping you to switch between credit card companies. I have done it when switching to Chase and will do it again if that happens. This is just business, if they offer a good deal i will stick around if not time to say goodbye. Business is business, it is that simple.


Most of the popular 5X from ink, gone. IHG night, no longer outstanding. And then this? Wow.


I’d be done with Chase Ink card, switch to an AmEx Biz card.


I just did a product switch from Ink Prefered to Ink Cash just greater cat bonuses to transfer to CSR, if this occurs the Ink card is gone. I’d likely switch biz card spend to an AmEx, since I’m dropping my Biz SPG Amex, I guess that’ll be a new card.


Well, 5/24 and shutdowns won’t matter much if they do something like this. ‘Cause no one will want their crummy old “cash back” points. Transfering to partners would be okay, but I’d be much less likely to book travel with points. Here’s hoping if they do it they grandfather in cards you already have. Or at least give a few weeks notice.


Everyone let’s take a moment and pray….
Jokes aside, would be devastating if they do this


As so many others have added, my Chase use/spending would go to 0% and effectively close every single Chase account/card I have. AMEX would become the new Chase for millions, as well as seeing increases to the Capital One question what’s in your wallet.

Chase has to understand that UR and pooling is the reason they are far and away the lead and would wind up pissing it away in an instant should this short-sided/”jerked-knee” reaction come to fruition.


This is why the majority of cards you have shouldn’t be with a single issuer (such as Chase). Just like investing, you should diversify and have cards from different banks so that if something negative happens, you will have other cards to pick up the slack. These are all for-profit companies where customer loyalty doesn’t really matter once you’re a customer.


Except I can always just switch *then*. I have a couple cards from other banks as backups so if my Chase account gets suspended or something, I won’t be totally boned. I don’t really *use* them that much, though. If Chase took an ax to the value proposition of their whole UR lineup, I’d cancel my Chase cards (which between them is like 95% of all my credit card spend) at that point, and get new/better cards then. No reason to do it *before*, though.


Yeah but will you keep other cards as a backup that you won’t be using but keep paying high annual fees just in case?


I wish this scenario had been given more attention when you were encouraging folks to product change from INK Plus to INK Cash a while ago. If the restriction is indeed put in place it effectively kills 5x UR for us. In retrospect, I would gladly pay the annual fee on INK Plus to retain this privilege.


I’m sure glad that I didn’t listen and had my wife keep her Ink Plus card. I have an Ink Cash too, but that card won’t be seeing any use if these changes happen. I had wanted to get the Freedom card, but that won’t be happening now.


I received an error when attempting to combine points from my Chase Ink Business to my CSR account today. Called and was told that can no longer combine points from the business cards to CSR because CSR points are more valuable. They did however move my points to my Freedom and then to my CSR account.

I downgraded my CSP to the Freedom and then got the CSR. Luckily I didn’t cancel it or I would have been out of luck.

I feel like Im getting boxed into a corner. Chase says ‘Get the new Chase Sapphire Reserve, points worth 1.25, you can continue to combine points from other cards’. Chase says ‘You can’t get the CSR if you have a CSP’, so you cancel or downgrade the CSP. Now Chase says ‘You cannot combine from INK cards to CSR because CSR points worth 1.25’.


The whole point of filling your wallet with Chase cards is because you can combine the points. If you remove that, you remove the need to be loyal.


Chase might as well destroy their whole portfolio if they do this….


I would go from 100% Chase spending to 0% if this happened. No reason at all to hold Chase cards. They offer worse returns than their contemporaries, only thing that makes them better is pooling to the CSR.


I’d switch every penny of my spending to Amex. Right now Chase gets 98% of it


This would utterly destroy the value proposition of their portfolio. The number of reserve cancellations that this could cause makes me hope they reconsider but I get the feeling they aren’t that smart.