Marriott Platinum Elite Free Breakfast Simplified


One of the benefits of earning Platinum Elite status with Marriott is free breakfast, but not at all brands.  Some brands, instead, give you only a $10 per day food & beverage credit.  And some brands are completely exempt from offering free breakfast.  That’s confusing enough on its own before considering that specific rules vary not just by brand, but also sometimes by country.  And sometimes specific hotels within participating brands have their own exemptions.  Whew.  The only thing more confusing than Marriott’s free breakfast benefit is their rules regarding qualifying for their credit cards.  For the latter, I did my best to simplify things in the post “Are you eligible for a new Marriott card?”  Regarding breakfast, use this post as your guide…

Marriott Platinum Elite Free Breakfast
Free Platinum Elite breakfast at the Inn at Bay Harbor, Autograph Collection

Brands for breakfast

At a high level, Platinum Elites (or higher) can figure out whether they’ll get free breakfast based on hotel brand, as follows:

No Breakfast for You Brands

These Marriott brands do not offer free breakfast for elite members:

  • Design Hotels
  • Gaylord
  • Marriott Executive Apartments
  • Marriott Vacation Club
  • Ritz-Carlton

$10 Breakfast for You Brands

These brands offer the Platinum Elite member and one guest, $10 per day food and beverage credit (e.g. total of $20 per day):

  • AC Hotels*
  • Courtyard (except those with a lounge)
  • Moxy Hotels*

* Outside of the U.S., Canada, and Europe, AC and Moxy Hotels offer a max of $10 per day instead of $20.

Free Breakfast Brands

The following brands usually offer free breakfast for the Platinum Elite member plus one guest either in the restaurant as a welcome gift choice (e.g. when checking in, you can select free breakfast, points, or sometimes another option as your welcome gift) or in the lounge as a Platinum Elite benefit.

  • Aloft
  • Autograph Collection *
  • Courtyard with lounge
  • Delta Hotels *
  • Four Points
  • JW Marriott *
  • Le Méridien
  • Marriott Hotels *
  • Protea Hotels
  • Renaissance Hotels *
  • Sheraton
  • St. Regis
  • The Luxury Collection
  • Tribute Portfolio
  • W Hotels
  • Westin

* At these brands, Marriott differentiates between those that are hotels and those that are resorts.  At resorts, the Platinum Elite member gets free restaurant breakfast for self + 1. At hotels, the Platinum Elite member gets lounge access.  When the lounge is closed (which is common on weekends and during pandemics), they’ll instead offer daily continental breakfast for 2… unless the hotel is one of the free breakfast exempt properties…

Free Breakfast Exemptions

As described above, at the following hotel brands (but not their resort equivalents), the Platinum Elite member gets free lounge access: JW Marriott, Marriott Hotels, Delta Hotels, Autograph Collection, and Renaissance Hotels.  However, lounges are frequently closed on weekends and during pandemics and so you should get free continental breakfast for 2 when that happens.  However, here is a list of shameful properties that are allowed to give you nothing but a few points when their lounge is closed:

  • The Algonquin Hotel Times Square, Autograph Collection
  • Boston Marriott Copley Place
  • Boston Marriott Long Wharf
  • Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile
  • JW Marriott Essex House New York City
  • JW Marriott New Orleans
  • JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square
  • JW Marriott Washington, DC
  • The Lexington Hotel, Autograph Collection
  • Monterey Marriott
  • New York Marriott Marquis®
  • Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
  • Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
  • Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel
  • Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel
  • Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel
  • Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel
  • Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
  • Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Free For All Brands

These brands usually offer free breakfast to all guests regardless of status:

  • Element
  • Fairfield
  • Residence Inn
  • SpringHill Suites
  • TownePlace Suites

Breakfast Details

The following chart shows my current understanding of the specific breakfast benefit to expect at each brand:

Hotel Chain Daily Breakfast Benefit How to Qualify
Design Hotels, EDITION, Gaylord, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott Executive Apartments, Marriott Vacation Club None N/A
AC Hotels, Moxy Hotels outside of U.S., Canada, or Europe $10 Food & Beverage Credit Per Night Platinum Elite Welcome Gift choice
AC Hotels, Moxy Hotels within U.S., Canada, or Europe $10 Food & Beverage Credit Per Night for member + 1 guest (e.g. $20 total per night) Platinum Elite Welcome Gift choice
Courtyard $10 Food & Beverage Credit Per Night for member + 1 guest (e.g. $20 total per night) Platinum Elite Welcome Gift choice
Courtyard w/ lounge
Lounge Access (or daily breakfast for 2 if lounge is closed)
Platinum Elite benefit
JW Marriott, Marriott Hotels, Delta Hotels, Autograph Collection, and Renaissance Hotels Hotels (Not Resorts):
Lounge Access (or daily breakfast* for 2 if lounge is closed)
Lounge Access is a Platinum Elite benefit
Breakfast in restaurant per night of Stay for Member +1
Restaurant breakfast is a Platinum Elite Welcome Gift choice
St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, W Hotels, Tribute Portfolio, Four Points, Aloft, Protea Hotels Breakfast in restaurant per night of Stay for Member +1 Platinum Elite Welcome Gift choice
Sheraton, Le Méridien, Westin Lounge Access + Breakfast in restaurant per night of Stay for Member +1 Lounge Access is a Platinum Elite benefit.  Restaurant breakfast is a Platinum Elite Welcome Gift choice
Element, Fairfield, Residence Inn, SpringHill Suites, TownePlace Suites Breakfast Buffet Free for all guests

* In the U.S. and Canada, when the lounge is closed, you are entitled to continental breakfast for you plus one guest.  In Europe, there is no “continental” restriction.  It’s unclear what happens outside of the U.S., Canada, and Europe when the lounge is closed.  See also the list of properties that are allowed to offer points instead of free breakfast in the “Free Breakfast Exemptions” section above.

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How do you know if your Marriott or Renaissance property is considered a “resort” for benefit purposes?


Listening to your latest podcast about Marriott Elite status and the various breakfast amenities at chains you mentioned this chart. This chart shows the W as free restaurant breakfast for self + 1 guest but I just stayed at the W Chicago – Lakeshore last weekend but they only gave me $10 for me and one guest and I could not combine them for $20 if I was eating alone. Both of us had to be seated. Is this just tough luck or is there a terms and conditions I could raise a complaint?

CF Frost

Are these Welcome Gift benefits supposed to be “Daily”? I don’t see “Daily” spelled out on Marriott’s Website:

I’m getting ready to stay at a Four Points (I’m Titanium) and the hotel does NOT have a restaurant. It’s supposed to be a $50 compensation for a Welcome Gift – I’m wondering if it will be $50 compensation DAILY (per day) or just a one-time $50 compensation.

Marriott’s 50 page document does NOT spell this out clearly.

Mark W

Platinum member staying at Koloa Landing in Poipu, Kawaii; which is an Autograph Collection resort, so should include breakfast for member + 1. Got a $15 per person per night dining credit as a welcome gift instead. I asked about free breakfast and was told this is the only food and beverage gift option.

Is Marriott’s policy regarding breakfast benefits at their different categories outlined in writing anywhere?

t t

yes, you can find it on their website, in the elite platinum welcome gift table

José Santiago

Recently visited Design Hotel, Das Triest Hotel, Vienna, Austria. Received free breakfast with Bonvoy Platinum Status. Nice surprise in my favor, for once.


I think the best level of elite you can get purely from CC is gold with them. I suppose this means that if you don’t intend to just use them a lot or are a business traveler this really makes no difference.

Last edited 2 years ago by wander

Do you keep this resource up to date? I have it bookmarked because I found it useful when you first published it:


Never forget that this is simply insane.

Frequent Miler Superfan

I hope Hyatt doesn’t do this….


Sad that this is “simplified”. But thanks for the post!

Last edited 2 years ago by r2e

There’s also the free breakfast benefit carve-out for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Reno Joe

Other carve-outs are listed in the terms and conditions.


Went to Le Meridien denver earlier this year, and i was only given $10 breakfast credit pp.


Super helpful!! Why aren’t Sheraton, Le Meridian and Westin added to your Free Breakfast Brands section? (They do appear in table but I think they should be mentioned in the above section for completeness)

FNT Delta Diamond

Because they require a choice. It is not the same breakfast benefit as legacy Marriotts.

Reno Joe

Oh, sorry, our restaurant is not open for breakfast. Here’s your X points.


Another “nail in the coffin” for loyalty. After forty years of business/personal travel 4310 nights with Marriott, since inception the program is all but gutted. Most alarming to me is not so much the breakfast it’s self but the fact that we will be subject to paying those damn resort fees, there’s your breakfast for two !! The Sheraton Honolulu is a prime example.

Reno Joe

A few years ago, I had a reservation at a particular Ritz Carlton resort. The total of all mandatory taxes and fees was roughly 65 percent of that daily room rate. So, for every $1000 of room rate, the “real” room rate was $1650. To me, it was so outrageous that I canceled the reservation and vowed never to stay at a Ritz Carlton.

While not having as much rack time as you, I was a multi-year Ambassador. At a point in time, I saw the erosion of benefits at the program level and the outright (in one’s face) denial of benefits at the property level. I knew that it would be the same at the other chains and that I needed a plan B.

I no longer play the traditional hotel loyalty program game and I’m happier for it — with better benefits than those purportedly granted by the programs.


Here’s an example of Marriott ‘un-simplifying’ it: checked in to an Autograph resort in the app yesterday. In the app it indicated ‘choose either 1000 points or $10 food credit”. I knew that was off so I sent a chat message on the way to the hotel that I would like the restaurant breakfast as my elite benefit. They replied to pick up the vouchers which are good for breakfast in the restaurant, but continental (there is no lounge here…so by the charts it should just be ‘breakfast’).

To Reno Joe’s comment, I have changed to going into Marriott stays with low/no expectations so as to not add stress to my travels. Unless we are pleasantly surprised by this upcoming devaluation this lifetime plat member likely will have zero Marriott points/certs/and credit cards by years end. I still may use Marriotts of course due to footprint but future bookings at 10x via Chase (and hopefully Cap One for my P2 soon) and related options will be better at the end of the day

Reno Joe

In comments to other articles, I’ve mentioned that I’ve quit the hotel loyalty program game. My wife and I are fortunate enough to be “regulars” at hotels in certain cities. Once recognized as regulars, we were able to negotiate rates and benefits with each hotel’s sale director. Admittedly, these are special circumstances. But, to replace the value of points we would otherwise earn in a hotel loyalty program, our average discount on room rates is about 20 percent. At each property, we get a full breakfast included — absolutely anything on the menu — as these are luxury properties, this is worth about $75 per person (when tax and service charges are factored in). Upgrades . . . but of course. The occasional cabana at the pool . . . but of course. Getting into otherwise full restaurants in the area . . . but of course. Everyone knows us by name and treats us like royalty.


I recently stayed at Adero Scottsdale (Autograph Collection). Also classed as a resort. I opted for “free breakfast” rather than points as a welcome bonus.. they gave me two vouchers which clearly state “complimentary Continental breakfast” which was nowhere to be found. It only got me $10 towards breakfast.. and a basic breakfast/eggs/omelet was $20+ not even including a coffee..

They werr also not even upfront with the continental breakfast vs just $10 towards breakfast menu in restaurant

Reno Joe

Oren, next time this happens, take an image of the vouchers. Then, approach the manager — on video — make certain the manager understands she / he is being recorded — “do you have a problem if I record this conversation?” — and say you just want to ask clarifying questions. “Do you recognize this voucher? Ah, it’s what you give to guests. What is written on the voucher? Ah, complimentary continental breakfast. What does continental breakfast include?”

Depending on how the conversation unfolds, “If you intend the voucher to simply be a $10 food credit, why don’t you give guests a voucher that states $10 credit? It seems misleading for your hotel to represent that a guest is getting continental breakfast, the hotel gives a guest a voucher that states complimentary continental breakfast, but then you only grant a $10 meal credit. What do you have to say?”

Then, send the video file to that State’s attorney general, the US Attorney General’s office, US Department of Commence, and the Federal Trade Commission.


I just checked in online myself for an Autograph stay & also reminded (again) the choice is $10 food/beverage voucher or 1,000 points.

I recently had Hilton resort & Le Meridien stays begin their breakfast menus with (magically) $10 continental breakfast options you also posted. For both Hilton & Marriott, they covered the tax & tip, too, on the final bill. But I just had a Delta stay with no continental option & only $10 off full breakfast for 2.

Tide is definitely turning towards Hilton with Marriott elite full breakfast benefits & the front desk/mgr is not giving in to the published rules, instead stating Covid reasons (restaurant staffing shortages, scaled/back menus). One minor loophole I found to help with Marriott’s pullback is claim points online then change verbally at the very last after checked-in at the property. 10x now I’ve at least received both a voucher & 1,000 points…woot.