(EXPIRED) Meijer Online: Buy $100 Visa Gift Cards For $95 (Limit 10)

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Meijer is running a Visa gift card deal in-store this week and they’ve also launched an online version. The online version is particularly interesting because not only does it mean people who don’t live near a Meijer store can take advantage of it, but there seems to be a pricing error which means you can make a $5 profit.

a close-up of a gift card

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires September 10, 2022 or while supplies last.
  • Limit 10.

Quick Thoughts

This deal gives $5 off $100 Visa gift cards. These gift cards ordinarily have a $5.95 purchase fee and so when Meijer has run this deal in the past the net cost has been $100.95.

There seems to have been an error in the way this particular deal is set up though because that $5.95 fee isn’t being charged. As a result, you can buy these $100 Visa gift cards for $95 and so you’re making a $5 profit on each one with the ability to get 10 per order provided they don’t cancel your order for a total profit of $50 before any associated liquidation costs. They’re even providing free trackable shipping, so that makes the deal even better.

Seeing as this appears to be a pricing error, if you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal it’d be worth buying ASAP in case the $5.95 purchase fee gets added back on as it makes this a less interesting deal.

Note that payment is processed by Blackhawk Network and so it won’t code as a grocery purchase.

h/t Roman

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Anyone know how long these take to ship? It’s been a week and shipping status still shows pending.


they arrived today. Meijer never updated the tracking info on the website order .


Mine arrived today but appear not loaded? I can’t balance track. Do these need to be activated? MY first meijers purchase.


Circling back… Trying to register online did not work, but calling the number on the back did. I only needed to input card number exp date and sec code, and they were activated. Having to do this manually by phone for all 10 $100 vgc seems like a huge time sink and I will not repeat this if the deal comes up again though. Maybe there is a better way? I multitasked, but still a chore.


Same here. Cards came with a sticker saying they were activated but they were not. No way to activate online. Had to do them over the phone one card at a time. had to hang up after each card and call again since it doesn’t let you do multiple. Called and spoke to 3 reps who were useless and put me on hold and then transfered me only to put me back in the automated system. Basically as RabbMD said it was a total waste of time and I would not do it again if I knew it was this time consuming.


Same issue. Same painful process. Worlds most slow irritating voice system


looks like it’s dead now–the $5.95 fee is added in at checkout.

Rob A

Awesom find – picked up 10 for the $50 savings. Order just confirmed.

Irene S

Do you have to complete the 10 within 1 transaction?


For future reference, I did the 10 in 2 transactions.

Irene S

Thanks. Good for future reference.


Awesome find, thanks!


I am torn on these as I always seem to be working on an Amex 10x and not willing to risk it, and with liquidation costing more on $100 gift cards, but seems crazy to give up 5% cash…


Does it track as an online purchase (BoA)


Thanks! Lovin this deal!


Thanks for passing this on. Worked fine for me for 5. Good prep for Christmas