6,000 Lufthansa Miles & More for ~$22


miles and more 6k

MTX Connect is running an interesting promotion where you can earn 6,000 Miles and More miles for spending €20 on a sim card. It isn’t clear if this will work for those in the U.S., but it isn’t excluded in the terms.

How It Works

  • Order an MTX Connect SIM card and receive it by post
  • Activate your MTX Connect SIM card. During the registration, provide your Miles & More service card number
  • Receive a 5000 miles welcome bonus with your first balance topup to €20 or more.
  • Earn 50 award miles per each €1 spent with MTX Connect

Offer Link

For more info on how this works I high suggested reading this Might Travels post.

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Just received 2 x 5000 Lufthansa miles for myself and my son. Miles got posted about 2-3 days after I reloaded the SIMs with 20 Euro each.


I also received 2 x 5000 Lufthansa miles for myself and my DW. Miles got posted about 2 or 3 days after loading the SIMs with 20 Euro each.

I’ll keep the SIMs to try out next trip to Europe.

David M

Received my card on Monday. Just activated my card today. In the US.

Didn’t realize that it was limited to the first 1000 activations… Fingers crossed!

Mark Gallagher

I Contacted MTX to ask how I can verify if I will be receiving the Lufthansa points bonus.

“this 1000 orders are counted by activation and top-up, not by order time. So, with this delay from order time to delivery and activation in mind, we can not absolutely guarantee someone’s miles bonus.

If you already got your SIM cards from miles.mtxc.eu website, activated it and topped up, then both of you will get a 5000 miles bonus, and will be receiving 50 miles on every euro, spent with MTX Connect services.”

Luckily I had ordered two SIM cards (one for my wife and one for myself) and activated them prior to contacting MTX. Please note that when I ordered the Sim cards I was not required to pay anything up front and had them in hand three days later (I’m in the US).


Just received my SIM card (in Austria). But I am not going to activate it, for 2 reasons:
1) The fine print of the promo says the 5,000 miles will be awarded to the first 1,000 cards ordered. I have no way of verifying what number my SIM card is. 3? 4,536? And the company could say whatever it wants.

2) I read their Terms and Conditions and do not like them at all, especially the confidentiality part and the unauthorized use part. Basically, the customer is SOL if anything happens. At all.


good to know! i’m going to wait to activate it after i see if i get the Barclay M&M card.


Is that new? I don’t remember seeing it when I ordered my SIM, which I just got today.

I’m still on the fence about actually activating it, and with that wording, it’s probably too much risk.


I topped up my SIM on September 21 and received the miles today. Based in the US.


They are now asking 5 Euro for shipping of the SIM. Has everyone else had that requirement? The chat worked well, but I was a bit put off that they responded in Russian automatically. I am located in Germany. Is MTX well known in the UK? I hesitate putting in Paypal or CC info on a site that is unknown to me. Thanks.


When you order SIM card for 5 euro, you will get it with 7 euro on balance. So, it is still free, and with a little bonus.


Ah, thank you. Do you already have and use the SIM?


They didn’t charge me anything for shipping to the US.


i assume this will get 5x on INK, yes? I would use BCP for the 10% back, but the Forex fees bring it down below 8%


I went ahead and ordered it. US is one of the countries in the dropdown, and no disclaimer about only shipping to Europe.

Their prices are fairly high, for 29€ I would expect to get at least 4 or 5 GB for 30 days from a local MVNO. My last trip to France I got 8gb for 25€. The 9,99€ unlimited 1 day plan might be a good deal if you’re on a long layover. Don’t even bother with the 150 MB plan, you’ll burn through that in a few minutes if your apps all check for updates at once.

Also, their inactivity policy is fairly generous. Many MVNOs will kill your account after 90 days without billing, these guys say:
“All credit expires after 18 months inactivity (measured from the date of last use). Adding additional credit will reset the expiration date on any unused credit in the Customer’s Account.” It’s unclear what the minimum top-up amount would be to keep it alive, it might not matter as the might not matter if mighttravels is correct and the miles earning ends in March.


It seems to me that you might need to activate the sim card while in a place with coverage (Europe). So if you order one from the USA and it arrives in the USA you’d have to wait until you’re in Europe to activate it?


You can activate it from mobile device in travel, or you can also activate a SIM card using your web browser on your internet-connected computer via activation portal. See http://www.mtxc.eu/en/FAQs.html “How do I activate my MTX Connect SIM card?”


I’ve activated French SIM cards from the US before. The harder part is getting them to mail it to a US address.


Is there a limit to how many times you can do this? Is it limited to one?


Probably limit one per M&M account


I’m not sure–it says 5000 for the first load of 20 Eu on your SIM–perhaps you could order more than one SIM?


It is limited. One time per Miles&More number.


I signed up for a SIM card. Let’s see how this goes…