More freebies from Staples are on their way


Staples is awesome.  They regularly come out with fantastically easy “free after rebate” offers.  You can take maximum advantage of these offers by going through a points or miles earning portal to rack up cash back or points (and credit card spend) for free.  I’ll continue to give easy, step by step instructions whenever these offers become available.

First, a warning

Some people have tried to get more than the allowed “per household” number of rebates by buying software in the name of their spouse, friends, dogs, whatever.  I heard from a reader who tried this: he had only one set of rebates approved.  The second set of rebates was denied because Staples found a link between his information and his spouse’s.  The reader asked me not to divulge the details, and I’ll honor that.  Just know that if you try to bypass the per household limit, you’re skating on thin ice.  I don’t recommend it.

New stuff coming on Sunday

I get an email every Friday from Staples with a link to preview their upcoming Sunday ad.  Here are just a couple of goodies I found:



On Monday (or Tuesday if I’m lazy), I’ll post details showing how to take Maximum advantage of these offers.

There is still time for the current round of freebies:

  • Until March 24th (tomorrow!), you can earn thousands of free points from Staples by buying free after rebate software.
  • If you tried this deal and your purchase has a status of “researching” just give Staples a call. Once they verify that you really intend to buy this software, they’ll confirm the order.
  • If you buy 10 copies of the software in one transaction, you only need to fill out the rebate form once.  Really.  I promise.
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