Multiple Dell Amex Offers giving 15%-20% back


The start of November saw the introduction of all kinds of new Amex Offers. One set that we hadn’t covered yet are three (or possibly more) Dell Amex Offers giving 15%-20% back. In some cases these can be found on the same card which means that they’ll stack.

Dell Amex Offers 15%-20% back

The Deal

  • There are targeted Dell Amex Offers for the following options:
    • Spend $599 & get $120 back
    • Spend $200 & get $40 back
    • Spend $800 & get $120 back

Key Terms

  • Various expiry dates.
  • Offer valid online only at US website, through the merchant mobile app or via phone at 1-877-350-0204.
  • Valid only for purchases made directly with the merchant.
  • Transactions through third party payment processors are excluded.
  • This offer does not apply to refurbished items, systems or spare parts and is not valid for online auctioneers, Professional Associations, or other Dell Member Purchase Programs.
  • Excludes all e-gift card and gift card purchases, international transactions, international contact center, Global events, Dell Financial services, Dell Outlet for Home, Dell Outlet for Work, Dell Healthcare, Dell PartnerDirect, Dell Premier, Dell Premier Connect, Dell Premier Select, and authorized Dell retailers.
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside the US, Puerto Rico, USVI and Guam.
  • Valid only on purchases made in US dollars.

Quick Thoughts

Be sure to check the terms of any of the offers that you’re targeted for. I had the three offers listed above on my cards, but there might be other variations too. The $599/$120 and $200/$40 I found on personal cards, while the $800/$120 (i.e. 15% back) was on a business card.

In an ideal world you’d find these on Amex Business Platinum cards seeing as those have a $200 twice-annual Dell benefit. Also keep an eye out for two or more of these offers on the same card. For example, I was able to load the $599/$120 and $200/$40 offers to the same card which means they’ll stack with each other.

Always be sure to click through from a shopping portal before placing a Dell order – here are the current rates. However, if you don’t need to make an immediate purchase it’d probably be worth waiting a few weeks as Rakuten will likely offer 10x-15x at Dell on Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday.

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