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This looks to already by done. They’re not taking any applications. At least not using your links.


Are they sending out 1099s?


If I apply for this to pay my taxes today, it sounds like I can get the virtual card right away… but I’m assuming that my funds will not be available until they have fully transferred, correct?


You need to stop advertising Nearside as “unlimited 2.2%” cash-back. They are not.
Learned hard way they are offering “2.2% cash back at participating merchants”
Don’t even dream on cash back on tax payment or regular online payments with the card. But you could have 2.2% at PANDA EXPRESS


Noticed this in small print on one of their welcome emails “The virtual Nearside Debit Mastercard has a daily transaction limit of $1,000. If your virtual card limit is reached, no additional transactions will be approved for the remainder of the day.”


Website T&C doc says: Point-of-Sale Daily Limit – $10,000.00. I’ll test that today and post the results here. The total daily withdrawal limits (ATM and cash) are $1000.


this is for the virtual card. The physical card which has a different number doesn’t have this restriction.


Anyone having trouble getting deposit to credit? I initiated an ACH, money left my bank but Nearside still shows it pending for days. Is this how they avoid paying out the bonus?


my bank lets me pay my mortgage with a debit card. Would this allow me to earn 2.2% cash back on my mortgage payment?


Would paying the IRS be considered an eligible expense?

Mark W

Do we know which if any merchants/categories are excluded? There are some fairly obvious ways to manufacture spending with a debit card (that don’t require any effort for liquidation whatsoever) and I can’t imagine Nearside will offer 2.2% cashback on those transactions?? Or will they???


I went for this and I see the $40 already added to my balance. Do I still need to spend $100 on the debit card within 30 days?


Wow, I didn’t realize. Thanks !!


Happy Friday! Tim, I signed up your referral link and got approved today. I’d like to make sure both of us could receive $50. Can you help verify it from your end?


Hello Tim, I have completed all tasks and received the bonus last weekend. Hope you get yours too. Thanks for the info.

Dan Nguyen

Will this be a soft or hard pull on your credit


Tip If you have trouble getting their site to validate a jpg of your ID: use a pdf instead.


Thanks, Tim.


Their site says “qualifying merchants” and then links to the main debit card page with no description of what that means. Have you guys found a better source for what that entails?

That means that when you use your Nearside debit card this year at qualifying merchants*, you will automatically earn 2.2% cash back on purchases for your business. Your cashback rewards will be calculated and automatically credited to your account.


Could you point to where you saw that Tim? The reason I ask is that once you log in they have the rewards page where you can search for local businesses with “rewards”. It’s not clear to me if these are somehow “extra” rewards or if it’s referring to the extra 1.2% that you’re supposed to get. Very few businesses in my area so I don’t know that I’ll be able to take advantage of this.