Miraval Berkshires to add Wyndhurst Manor in April


Miraval Berkshires is one of three sought-after, all-inclusive Miraval “wellness retreat” properties in the US (read Greg’s recent review of Miraval Arizona here).  Hyatt recently announced that it’s expanding the footprint of this property to include Wyndhurst Manor, formerly a Destination Hotels location. The addition will add 40 additional rooms and a another fine-dining restaurant to the current Miraval Berkshires resort.

a large brick building with a lawn and trees
Starting in April Wyndhurst Manor will be a part of Miraval Berkshires

Since opening in 2020, Miraval Berkshires has somewhat confusingly shared a 380-acre property with Wyndhurst Manor. Once the two resorts are combined, Wyndhurst Manor will add 40 additional guest rooms that are spread between the Gilded Age Mansion and 3 Carriage Houses that have 10 guest rooms each.  Wyndhurst Fitness and Golf Club, which shares the same property, will still continue to operate separately.  Wyndhurst Manor’s 1894 Fireside Bistro & Bar will become part of Miraval as well, adding a third dining option to The Harvest Moon Restaurant and The Roost.

a bar with bottles of alcohol and chairs
Bar at Fireside 1894

Is this a “Wyn” for Miraval Berkshires?

Miraval Berkshires has been the most inconsistently reviewed of the three Miraval locations (perhaps not surprising as it was opened in the middle of the pandemic). We published a review in late 2020 that was very positive overall, the one complaint being that it could feel quite busy with all of the on-site golf club traffic.

It will be interesting to see how well Wyndhurst Manor is incorporated into Miraval. On the plus side, this will increase the total amount of rooms at Miraval by ~40% and removes the awkwardness of having two, distinctly-themed resorts on one property.  The newly-renovated suites in the Manor look nice enough and the addition of another dining option seems like it would be an improvement as well.

Beautiful accommodations at Wyndhurst Manor & Club Resort in Lenox, MA
Wyndhurst Manor Suite

On the other hand, Wyndhurst Manor seems to be a significant step down from what the expectations would be for a Miraval property in terms of rooms, facilities and dining.  Prices for the same rooms will be tripling in some cases, albeit now as an all-inclusive.  When it was with Destination Hotels, it received very spotty reviews on the state of the facilities as well as on the dining experience.  The press release optimistically states that Miraval will now be able to offer “direct access to the historic golf course where golf enthusiasts can experience the mindful side of the sport.”  Whether or not golf carts and club traffic will promote mindfulness depends on how you do or don’t golf, I suppose.

Quick Thoughts

Miraval Berkshires is a very popular resort and a nice option as a retreat for those in the Northeast Corridor. There is a lot of potential in this property and it will provide more availability for Hyatt loyalists looking to try Miraval (especially during the regular BOGO promos). It will be interesting to see how well the addition of Wyndhurst Manor is managed and if Hyatt will be able to put the necessary TLC into making sure all of the facilities are up to snuff.

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I’ve stayed at Miraval Berkshires twice and the existing rooms are actually the least desirable part of the experience, so I’m not sure that adding the manor will be much of a downgrade. While I find great value (during BOGO) to the all-inclusive nature of the property and in particular to the experiences and guides, the rooms feel like just slightly larger standard Hyatt fare situated in structures that resemble your average urban condo. They’re comfortable enough, but zero character. The manor has a lot of external character and if they continue to upgrade the rooms, could actually be preferable.