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I just received an offer for 75k points and am considering it. I know that some people with Chase Bank accounts have been completely shutdown (including credit cards) due to their banking activity; are there any DPs of similar risk with Amex? Or is this a no brainer?


How can you tell if you’re targeted? I click the link and it just shows the advertisement that there is an offer, then when I click sign in, there is nothing there?
Down below it says open account, but I don’t want to open if I don’t get the targeted offer?


I opened one and it does not show any tracker (with progress bar/status) showing how much deposit was made or how many qualifying transactions were completed – is that normal/expected?


Received 70k offer in physical mail, only AMEX business card I have is Hilton Business. My P2 has the same, but only received 30k offer in the mail the same day


Tried the 50k link but no luck completing the app.

Thomas Hurd

Sweet I was targeted. Thanks for the heads up on this!


Would the initial deposits you make of $15,000 count as any of the necessary 5 transactions?


Tried both links – when I got through the application process, I was approved for 30K MR for $5K over 60 days instead of 50K/70K offer. I didn’t see any indication that 30K was the offer until I was approved.


If I transfer funds from Capital One Checking to this account upon opening will it qualify?


Can p1 AND P2 open 2 separate biz checking accounts, for the same business?


Damn it, just opened an account 4 days. Missed out on 20k MR A.


I’ve had and closed the business checking account before, but through a mistake on my part did not earn the welcome bonus. The opening was 2 years ago and the closing about 6 months ago. Can I try again to open a new acct. and get the welcome bonus?