New Amex Sync offer: OfficeMax $10 off $50!


Valid through 12/31/2014 (hurry to register as this one won’t last long!):

Amex has a new Sync offer for $10 off any $50 or greater purchase at OfficeMax or Office Depot.


Use your enrolled Amex card to spend a total of $50 or more in-store or online to get the $10 statement credit.

To enroll via Twitter, sync your card and then Tweet: #AmexOfficeDepot

Important, please first read this post: Maximizing Amex Sync offers. Part 1: sync multiple cards.

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[…] personally used the (now expired)$10 off $50 Office Depot sync offer to buy my stamps in order to save some […]

[…] New Amex Sync offer: OfficeMax $10 off $50! […]

[…] personally used the (now expired)$10 off $50 Office Depot sync offer to buy my stamps in order to save some […]


I had added the offer via the Facebook app amexlinklove about 4 days ago, and confirmed it as well the next day, however when i checked today it is gone!! I have no idea what happened, didn’t know this would be a possibility…


Amex offers disappeared from my Serve card. I was able to add the offers through another link to Facebook but didn’t see the Officemax’s offer.


Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t crazy or missing something. Mine were gone too, but they’re back now!


I can just buy a 200$ Visa GC and redeem 10$ right? I hope GC purchase will count towards 50$ minimum.


The T&Cs specifically say that gift cards are not eligible.

[…] See also: New Amex Sync offer: OfficeMax $10 off $50! […]


Well that got it on Facebook at least – thanks FM


Hey Michael & FM – thanks for the replies. My website’s email is handled by gmail but that’s not the problem since I received confirmation emails to that address from my other AMEX cards. In fact not getting an email isn’t the problem, but not having the AMEX offers section in my Serve account is the issue. While logged into Serve I looked under settings & profile & couldn’t see anything related to AMEX offers. I have the card thru Isis/Softcard and am wondering if AMEX offers are no longer available for the card.


AMEX offers seems to have disappeared from my Serve card. I’ve used tweetdeck before to add offers to it but when I tried to this time & didn’t get a response email for my Serve card (I did get responses for other AMEX cards) I checked out my Serve account and couldn’t find the offers section. Anyone else experience this?

Michael B

Dennis, are you using GMail? For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why they never responded to my #AmexZZZZ tweets. Come to find out GMail recently added a Promotions tab and a Social tab near the top of the page, and these kind of emails go in those buckets. Kind of annoying if that’s not how you want your email to work. I also recently noticed that doesn’t show an offers section under settings anymore, even though it was rarely accurate to begin with. I verified however that I still get the confirmation email when using my serve card with the offer added (for the Starbucks offer).

As a side question, does OfficeMax allow split payments? Ie. can I add this offer to my 4 Amex cards and buy a $200 Mastercard, putting ~$50 on each?


Thanks for the heads up. These really good Sync offers never last long.