New CVS gift card rules


CVS has new rules governing the purchase of gift cards and other prepaid products:

  • No more than $2000 total per person per day (previous limit was $5000) 
  • ID required for purchases of $300 or more.

Forward Cabin reports that the new rules begin October 27th, but according to some readers, the rules are already in effect in some places.

Hat Tip: Forward Cabin

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[…] if you’re buying more than $300 worth of gift cards, you’ll need to have your ID handy to show the […]

Chuck Kreutzer

No liquor purchases allowed which sucks bigly.

[…] if you’re buying more than $300 worth of gift cards, you’ll need to have your ID handy to show the […]


Does anyone have a reference available for this policy? Thank you!

Nick Reyes

For the 2014 policy? Likely not.


I guess pretty soon we’ll learn if we should have taken it more seriously, but even if it doesn’t go that far … I don’t like the idea of my DL getting swiped/tracked each time I buy even one Vanilla card. Who knows where it’ll eventually end up & how our personal info is going to be handled


Was the last poster drunk? I really don’t know if I can take that seriously…


Next thing they do is – CVS will unload all the names of Manufactured Spend-ers to IRS and IRS will start interrogating the FF community members about where do they get money to Manufacture Spend $10,000/monthly with the yearly wage of $30,000-40,000. “Are you hiding your income from me” – Uncle Sam will ask!?? This bad CVS behavior needs to stop, because there are other stores around including Gas stations and Gas station bonuses, as well groceries, small chains, still selling Vanilla Reloads. CVS – I’m talking to you, if you don’t listen, you may soon end up selling just Pampers and Tampax !

dotti cahill

sounds like it is very invasive of our privacy prob a new governmewnt regulation.. banks must now do XXtra audit trails and info if u deal with $3000 now vs $10,000 in the past to report to the government…. and people keep voting for these politicans who wanta more regs …more taxes ..more laws less freedommmmmmmmms


Is this a limit of $2,000 per store, or $2,000 for the whole CVS chain?


What does it all mean? Is there a record keeping somewhere in the government?
Now, I hear the cashiers say that it is against the law to use gift card for gift card purchase. Is it true? Is there such law?


By saying that ID is checked do you mean that they’d take our ID and make a copy of it or they just verify that ID matches name on the CC. Matching names on ID and CC has been in place forever at least in the North-East.


Hi Greg. Do you have any references available for this policy?


thanks for the clarity I do the same at Grocery Store to get 2-3 pts with Barclay and Amex. Just do not understand how they get north of $30K/mo at CVS without bells ringing at the banks


This has been the case south of Ann Arbor since the 16th

Rui N.

@Rob, Visa Gift Cards that they unload at Walmart to their Serve/Bluebird.


As a newbie I do not know what cards are being purchased at CVS now that VRs are not available. Have read that some people are doing in excess of $30K/mo How?