News from the Marriott / SPG front


Here’s a quick post today about new information about the Marriott / SPG merger.  As always, you can find complete details here: Marriott SPG Ritz Transition Guide

Marriott, Ritz, SPG Credit Card News

  • New Marriott Business Card: According to Doctor of Credit, Chase is preparing to launch the “Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Business Card” on August 26th.  This card appears to be the business twin to the Marriott Rewards Premier Plus card which replaced the Marriott Rewards Premier card (no plus).  Since Marriott appears to be matching up their cards against Amex’s SPG cards, I’d expect this card to cost $95 per year like the SPG Business Card.  That will be interesting since the old non-plus Marriott Rewards Premier Business Card currently costs $99 per year.  My assumption is that they’ll stop offering the non-plus card when the plus card becomes available.  For legacy cardholders I guess they’ll encourage upgrading to the cheaper card?  I’m not sure.
  • Ritz-Carlton Card Changes: Again, Doctor of Credit is on the job with news that the Ritz-Carlton card’s point earnings will change to closely match the SPG Luxury card (not yet available).  The card will earn: 6X Marriott / SPG; 3X restaurants, airfare purchased directly from airline, and car rental agencies; and 2X everywhere else.  Doctor of Credit points out that this slightly bests the SPG Luxury card since the car rental bonus is unique and the restaurant bonus is not limited to restaurants in the US.  The Ritz card will also lose it’s annual 10% bonus on points earned, but that’s a small loss considering that it goes from earning just 1X on most purchases (or 1.1X with the 10% bonus) to 2X.

Point Transfers to Marriott / SPG

Amex Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards still 1 to 1.

Several readers have asked about what will happen to point transfers from Amex Membership Rewards.  Currently, it is possible to convert Membership Rewards points 3 to 1 to Starwood and then 1 to 3 to Marriott.  This gives Membership Rewards an indirect 1 to 1 transfer rate to Marriott.  Via emails with Marriott personnel I’ve learned that in August, the relationship will be direct: We will be able to transfer points one to one from Membership Rewards to Marriott/SPG rewards points.

I also checked with a Chase representative to see if anything will change with Ultimate Rewards transfers to Marriott.  I was told that the current 1 to 1 transfers will continue as-is.

Point Transfers from Marriott / SPG

Amtrak end date for transfers: July 31

Amtrak has announced that after July 31 it will no longer be possible to transfer Starpoints into Amtrak Guest Rewards points.

Transfers to airlines in small increments above 1,000:

Via emails with Marriott personnel I’ve learned that point transfers from the new Marriott / SPG program to airline miles will be available in 1 mile increments above 1,000.  For example, you will be able to transfer 3,000 points into 1,000 airline miles; or 3,003 points into 1,001 miles; or 3,006 points into 1,002 miles; etc.  This is great because it will often be possible to transfer exactly the number of points you need.  I’ve orphaned odd numbers of points in various programs in the past due to the requirement by many transfer currencies to transfer 1,000 miles at a time.

For more info about the Marriott SPG Merger, see:

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Question about the Marriott SPG Ritz Transition Guide. Do you keep it updated with all the newly released info since it was originally posted?


so do we loose the 25 % bonus miles we get on airlines when we transferred from SPG I.e 20K SPG to 25K airline miles ?

Nick Reyes

No. See the Marriott SPG Ritz Transition Guide linked in both the first and last sentence of this post for full details.

In a nutshell, 20K SPG = 60K Marriott rewards points. In the new program, 60K Rewards points = 25K airline miles (the same net result as today).

Again, full details in the full guide.

Brett Billington

Any news on what happens to 5/7 night certs from travel packages?


How are points totalled for lifetime platinum? I’m very close. Can I transfer points from chase sapphire to make up needed points?


If Pam is talking about Marriott LT Plat, points from Chase certainly DO count for LT status. I just sent ~40k over Monday, I was 39.8xxk short of LT Plat. Points posted today and status reflects change from LT Gold to LT Plat (I was short points, have more than enough nights).


Do you think it’s worth using Membership Rewards (or Ultimate Rewards for that matter) to purchase Mariott Travel Package? I have quite a bit stashed away.


I’m currently working on Platinum status by spending on my Marriott Business card (old card). For every $3k spend, I get 1 elite night. Will that still work after August 1st? What if Marriott forces me into the new business card on August 26th? Will the new card earn elite nights for spend?


Patiently awaiting the full hotel list/categories…

Curious George

the Ritz Carlton card will have to offer a free night certificate like the new AMEX Marriott luxury card also. That’s a huge benefit. If not then the new luxury card wins hands down with a free room yearly and a $300 credit to be used at any property even if you are on paid or award stays.

Jim Rydzel

As we approach 8/1, how do SPG points accumulate and transfer? If I earn SPG points on 7/15, but they don’t appear on my account until 8/12, what happens to them? Are they eventually 3-1 transfers to Marriott?

Jim Rydzel

Thanks–as usual, very helpful. But my question was really about the transfer rate from SPG to Marriott. Will SPG points earned through 7/31 transfer at 3 to1, regardless of posting date, or will they switch to 2 to 1 if posted after 8/1?

Christopher Ardalan

Will the new Ritz Carlton card still give the 3 annual certificates to upgrade to club level?