Office Depot/Office Max: Save $15 When Buying $300+ Visa Gift Cards


Last week Office Depot and Office Max offered a $10 instant discount when buying $300 or more of Mastercard gift cards. They’re running an even better deal this coming week as you can get a $15 instant discount when buying $300 or more of Visa gift cards.

Visa Gift Card

The Deal

  • Buy $300+ Visa gift cards at Office Depot/Office Max and save $15 instantly.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid September 29-October 5, 2019.
  • Limit 1 per household/business.

Quick Thoughts

$200 Visa gift cards come with $6.95 activation fees at Office Depot and Office Max stores, so you’ll make a $1.10 profit for every two that you buy. If you buy two of them and pay with a 5x or 5% card, here’s how the math will work out:

  • 2 * $200 Visa gift cards = $400.
  • 2 * $6.95 activation fees = $13.90.
  • ($15 instant discount).
  • Total = $398.90.
  • Rewards @ 5x = 1,995 or @ 5% = $19.95.

The terms specify one $15 discount per household or business, but you can scale the deal by visiting more than one store, visiting the same store on different days or by having a cashier who’s happy ringing up more than one transaction for you.

Staples is also running a Visa gift card deal this week, except that’s only for fee-free cards so this Office Depot deal is a little better.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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Thiago dorve

I saw the same deal this week again at Office Depot. It’s not in the weekly ad, but saw it and got it in a store yesterday.


I bought four $200 gc in one transaction, at OD, and shorted myself $15!!! I’m disappointed with that dumb move. For each $200 gc the system took off $3.75 for a total of $15. I’ll go to a different OD and buy only 2 at a time. I hope this helps others not to make the same mistake.

Rob P



Thanks for the heads up and thanks especially to OD for this deal. There are no Staples where I am right now so I thought I was going to miss a good opportunity. Now a better one has appeared.

Mike B

Looks like I’m going to be busy running all over town this week. We’ve got 2 ODs and 1 Staples where I live. I guess it’s a good thing the nearest Simon Mall is over 2 hours away or I would have to quit my job. 🙂


How do u liquidate these visa GiftCards???