Office Depot: Save $15 When Buying $300+ Visa Gift Cards


Last week Office Depot had a deal in store that wasn’t listed in its weekly ad that offered a $15 instant discount when buying $300 or more of Mastercard gift cards.

They’ve launched a similar promotion this week, except this time it’s valid on Visa gift cards rather than Mastercard gift cards.

Visa Gift Card

The Deal

  • Buy $300+ Visa gift cards at Office Depot/Office Max and get a $15 instant discount.

Key Terms

  • Expires August 31, 2019.
  • Limit 1 per household/business.

Quick Thoughts

With activation fees of $6.95 for $200 cards, you’ll make a profit of $1.10 for every two cards you buy. The best part of these deals though is the opportunity to earn 5x/5% using an Ink Plus or Ink Cash card. Each pair of $200 Visa gift cards you buy will earn you 1,995 Ultimate Rewards or $19.95 cashback.

Office Depot places a limit of one per household or business on these deals, but it should be possible to buy more by visiting on separate days or driving to different stores. Depending on the cashier you get, they might even be willing to let you take advantage of the deal more than once during a visit so long as they ring them up in separate transactions.

Some stores sell out of $200 Visa gift cards quickly during these promotions, so it’d be better to visit your local store sooner rather than later this week if you’re interested.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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Can I use a visa gift card at Costco instead of Visa credit card?




Yes. The Dining Everywhere Visas work at Costco too and have a lower activation fee than the regular Visa gift cards. The cards will also auto-drain at Costco so you don’t need to keep track of how much is left on the card.


Can also be used for automatic payment for recurring monthly bills such as Gym membership? My gym just takes Visa and Master card.