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As reported by Doctor of Credit, we have seen the demise of the application page for the Old Blue Cash Card from American Express. As a reminder, this card offered 5% back on up to $50,000 in spend at US grocery stores, US drugstores, and US gas stations (though only 1% back on the first $6500 in purchases in those categories and 0.5% back on everything else). For some time, the application page has worked in some browsers and not others, but the application link now redirects to the Blue Cash Everyday card. As such, we have removed the Old Blue Cash card from our Best Offers page. At this point, it is unclear whether the card itself will be discontinued, but it appears that it is no longer available for new applications.

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I have been using for a few years and still think it’s great. MS is more work now, because most WM stores now limit what can be done each visit. But still worthwhile if make a WM run if your stores are reasonably close enough.

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I signed up for the Old Blue in November 2017. I hope American Express keeps the card going for a long time, and doesn’t convert it to a different type of card automatically.


So have you 2 guys been blind or asleep?
The $10 off vgc’s and mcgc’s at Safeway stores deal that comes around frequently makes for a bonanza with the amex obc. And you get fuel points on top too on cards less than/ including $200. This deal is especially lucrative on “Everywhere….” branded vgc’s with only a $4.95 fee!

John R Nielsen

That works of you have a Safeway nearby. I think it is several hundred miles to the closest Safeway. Guess you never thought of that lol.


Those were the days with this card and MS. I haven’t used it much since so many MS opportunities dried up.


Yeah, good memories. I only used the card for about a year, but it was a pretty good year for MS. Haven’t touched it in at least a year.