Planning an epic status match run in Las Vegas


At the beginning of the month, news broke that Wynn Las Vegas is offering a temporary status match. That match includes the opportunity to get a complimentary Holland America cruise for two in an oceanview cabin. If you’ve been reading this blog over the past couple of years, you know that if you want me to visit your casino, all you need to do is dangle a free cruise in front of me. My wife and I are both planning to match in order to get two cruises for the price of one trip to Las Vegas to execute the match. However, this match has a lot of moving parts. We’re planning to make a family trip out of it and while it is far from “free”, we intend to soak up some Joy of Free while we’re making it happen.

a city skyline at night

Caesars Diamond status for a $100 Celebration dinner all around

a hand holding a receipt

My wife and I both have the Wyndham Earner Business card and as a result we each have Wyndham Diamond status that we’ve matched to Caesars Diamond status. We have a third family member joining us on this adventure who has the same.

Several years ago, all three of us used our Diamond celebration dinners together and I anticipate that will do so again this time around. To be clear, we’ve all dined together and gotten a single check and used all three Diamond celebration dinners together and that’s what we’ll do again. (Anyone have a recommendation about where we should eat with it?).

I should note that for each of the last several years, I’ve heard rumblings that one has to earn 100 tier credits in order to be able to use the $100 Diamond celebration dinner. Despite some people saying that was required, my wife was able to use her Diamond Celebration dinner without having earned any tier credits. We’ll see what happens here. I strongly suspect that the Diamond celebration dinner doesn’t load to a Caesars Diamond account immediately and that leads some people to inquire at customer service about their Celebration dinner….and (no shock here) customer service gives them incorrect info. But we’ll see how it works out.

Match to Wynn Platinum for $100 spa credit each

a group of tall buildings

We we recently reported, Wynn Las Vegas is currently matching Caesars Diamond (as well as other programs) to Wynn Platinum (though May 31, 2024), That’s awesome for a few reasons.

First, Wynn doesn’t often offer matches. Second, Platinum status comes with some nice benefits, which include:

  • $100 spa credit
  • $150 dining credit in your birthday month
  • Complimentary Holland America Cruise*.
    *To get the cruise, a Platinum member must have stayed twice (and on nonconsecutive nights). More detail in this post.

Unfortunately, our trip to Las Vegas does not happen in anyone in our party’s birthday month (we’ll be within 30 days of one person’s birthday, but not the right month!).

However, we’re heading to Las Vegas in large part to make use of this Wynn match (which will also lead to another match). We would of course like to both use the $100 spa credit and make the two stays necessary in order to be able to take the Holland America cruise, so we’ve planned enough days in Las Vegas to be able to each get two non-consecutive nights at Wynn. It’s not really cheap and it probably isn’t worth flying all the way to Las Vegas just for this, so we’ll try to maximize as many related things as we can.

It’s worth knowing that we don’t really have full details on the cruise yet. I understand that it gets booked through Wynn Rewards, so I anticipate that booking it may not be quite as smooth and easy as other “free” cruises where we’ve essentially been able to call the cruise line and book whatever we wanted. Wynn status is good through January 31, 2025. I had initially heard a report (from someone who was clear that the casino employee who quoted this didn’t sound sure about it) that the cruise had to be sailed by June 30th, but Dave Grossman at Miles Talk reported in their Facebook group yesterday that Wynn has told him that the sail-by date is January 31, 2025. If that’s correct, it will obviously be a limiting factor to consider.

Possible gamble on booking Wynn Las Vegas via Fine Hotels & Resorts

a large building with a waterfall
This is an old screen shot. Bookings at Wynn now come with $150 in spa credit.

In order to trigger the free cruise portion of the Wynn Platinum match, we need to make two non-consecutive stays at Wynn.

We’re going to accomplish that by staying a night at Wynn (my wife and I will both match, each looking to get our own cruise, so we’ll book two rooms), spending a few nights somewhere else, and then one more night at Wynn (again with two rooms).

When booking via Fine Hotels & Resorts, Wynn comes with a $150 spa credit. Normally, I’d hate that. I’m generally not into spa treatments and I know that the spa at Wynn isn’t going to have anything on the menu that only costs $150, so that type of credit is really just an invitation to pay more than I otherwise would have.

However, this time around, I feel a bit differently about it. That’s because we expect to match to Wynn Platinum and as a result both my wife and I will each have a $100 spa credit to use from our Wynn Platinum status. If we’re able to combine that Wynn Platinum $100 credit with the $150 spa credit from the Fine Hotels & Resorts booking, we should be able to end up with a free 50-minute massage (or a bunch of things that would be either nearly free or highly discounted depending on what we book) based on the Spa menu Wynn publishes online.

This actually works out to be a great deal. One of the nights we’re booking via FHR costs about $280 all-in. We’ll use an Amex Platinum card that offers a $200 annual credit for prepaid Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings to take advantage of that benefit and we’ll end up with complimentary breakfast for two and the spa credit. That certainly seems reasonable enough!

I should note a couple of things though:

  1. I don’t know for sure that booking via Fine Hotels & Resorts will count as qualifying nights for the free cruise. It seems likely that they would qualify (after all, a true high roller might have their Wynn stays comped completely), but I don’t have any data points on this.
  2. Booking via Fine Hotels & Resorts is slightly more expensive than booking directly via Wynn. More precisely, it costs about $40 more all-in on our specific nights to book via Fine Hotels & Resorts than it does to book directly at the Wynn website when logged in with a Wynn Rewards account. I think that’s clearly worthwhile since an FHR booking comes with free breakfast for two, guaranteed 4pm late checkout, and a $150 spa credit.

I’m currently a bit split on what to do. We’ve done both — we’ve booked the same nights via both Fine Hotels & Resorts and directly via Wynn (all at flexible rates that can be cancelled). I’ve been hopeful that we’ll get a reader data point as to whether FHR stays count, otherwise I’m not sure I’ll gamble on a Fine Hotels & Resorts booking — I may end up going with the direct bookings, which cost a bit less overall but don’t come with benefits like free breakfast and the $150 spa credit (and if I book directly, I can’t use my $200 prepaid Fine Hotels & Resorts credit from an Amex Platinum card, times two).

We’ve got some time, so I’m hopeful that I’ll get a positive data point on Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings satisfying the requirement for non-consecutive stays before our trip.

Either way, Wynn isn’t cheap. It gets very expensive over a weekend, so we’ve booked a long weekend in order to get a weekday night at the beginning of the trip and a weekday night at the end of the trip to pay less for our Wynn stays. If we go with the rooms we’ve booked directly, it’s still going to end up costing us a little over $500 for our two non-consecutive nights. I’d be happy to be able to use a couple of FHR credits if I can!

Match Wynn Platinum to Fontainebleau Gold

Fontainebleau is the latest mega resort on the strip, having opened just a few months ago. When they first opened, we reported that they were status matching other casinos. That lasted for one day before they pulled it. Thankfully, Fontainebleau brought back their status match shortly thereafter (though only through June 2, 2024).

I went to Las Vegas in January for a wedding and I intended to match to Fontainebleau status while I was there, but I never got a chance to make it to the property. I’m glad for that “bad” luck because as it turns out Wynn Platinum matches to Fontainebleau Gold, which comes with a couple of great benefits.

Therefore, this time around, my wife and I (and our third family member) will all plan to match from Wynn Platinum to Fontainebleau Gold. That’s great because, among other benefits Fontainebleau Gold includes:

  • $150 spa credit
  • $150 dining credit

Since there are three of us executing the match, we expect to end up with a total of $450 in dining credits. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to use those all together to buy a nice dinner for four adults and two kids!

Furthermore, according to reader reports, the spa credit actually buys both a massage and something like a hot stone add-on or an eye mask add-on at Fontainebleau. Note that you do need to pay the 20% gratuity in both cases — your spa and dining credits can’t be used to cover gratuity. So we’re on the hook for a $30 charge to use each credit, but that’s entirely reasonable to me.

I should add here that you can book a spa treatment without staying at the hotel. Apparently, on the weekends, they do not allow non-hotel guests to book spa treatments unless they have status. As a Fontainebleau Gold member, reports indicate that you can book a spa treatment without staying at Fontainebleau even on the weekend (so you’ll want to let them know that you have Gold status when you call to make your appointment).

The Ocean Prime Free Resorts World stay comes in handy again

a room with a bed and a chair

We’ve long written about Atlantic City status matching as a path to a free MSC cruise or two, but one of the other benefits of executing the tier matching in Atlantic City (from Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond to Hard Rock Icon to Ocean Prime) is that Ocean Prime status comes with a complimentary two-night stay at Conrad Las Vegas at Resorts World. That complimentary stay even comes with a $100 dining credit and $100 in free play!

My wife and I used our complimentary Resorts World stays back in January. We needed 3 nights in Las Vegas, so we booked overlapping nights in order to get all three nights we needed covered (in other words, I had booked Friday and Saturday nights and my wife and booked Saturday and Sunday nights and we just moved our stuff over to her room after she checked in). Unfortunately, we can’t use that benefit again.

However, the family member joining us has also done the Atlantic City matching and that worked out perfectly because it means that she had two free nights to use at Resorts World. As it so happens, Resorts World is right across the street (well, diagonally across the street) from both Wynn and Fontainebleau.

So we’ll spend our first night at Wynn and then my wife’s sister will spend three weekend nights at Conrad Las Vegas, two of which are completely free thanks to the Ocean Prime match (and she’ll get the dining credit and free play). That’s a great deal on the weekend nights we needed. The same two nights at the Conrad booked via the cheapest flexible rate through Hilton would have been more than $1,200. Getting that for $0 is great! There isn’t even a resort fee on those nights. She’ll then use Hilton Honors points to book the third night, which will ring in at right around our Reasonable Redemption Value for Hilton points — not the best deal in Vegas that night, but it beats switching hotels.

My wife and I and our kids can’t make use of the free Resorts World benefit since we’ve already used it, so we considered other options. I originally intended to stay at Rio now that it is a Hyatt property (and Globalist breakfast is at Hash House a Go-Go!!), but the location of Resorts World is just perfect for this stay with the matching at Wynn and Fontainebleau (and it doesn’t hurt that we just like Resorts World despite the sort of isolated location a the north end of the strip). I had a Hilton free night certificate to use and I expect my wife will receive her annual Hilton Aspire free night certificate soon. We’ll end up using a couple of free night certificates for this stay and probably go with a cash booking for the third night as it presents an opportunity to use my wife’s Hilton Aspire Hilton credit and the quarterly Hilton credit on my Hilton Business card assuming that they’ll let us split tender.

I’ll add that Resorts World does have a status match, but it doesn’t look like there are any benefits that make it worthwhile.

Putting it all together

All together, since we are doing this trip in three-player mode, we’ll end up with:

  • $300 in Caesars Diamond Celebration dinner money
  • $300 in Wynn Spa credit from Wynn Platinum
  • $450 in Fontainebleau spa credit
  • $450 in Fontainebleau dining credit
  • $600 in Wynn spa credits from booking two rooms via Fine Hotels and Resorts twice (we haven’t booked an FHR room for my sister-in-law — if we do, this will increase)
  • Free breakfast for 2 on a couple of mornings at Wynn
  • $100 in dining credit and free play credit at Resorts World for one person
  • Hopefully, 3 complimentary ocean view Holland America cruises

The trip will end up costing us:

  • About $525 for the two non-consecutive Wynn nights if we book directly and forgo Platinum card FHR credits
  • Round trip flights to Las Vegas (outbound booked with Southwest Rapid Rewards points; return TBD)
  • A couple of Hilton free night certificates
  • About $300 for one paid night at Conrad Las Vegas, which will be reimbursed by credit card credits (note that I have gift card money from my Q1 credit on the Hilton Business card also)

That’s all going to be a lot of fun. I won’t argue that this is all “worth it” exactly. The flights to Vegas aren’t cheap, and neither is Wynn (we could probably just about book at least one cruise considering the value of the miles we’ll use getting to and from Vegas and the cost of the Wynn stay). I don’t yet know how difficult it is going to be to book the Holland America cruise (I understand that this gets booked through Wynn rather than being self-booked, so I anticipate some more friction). And that’s to say nothing of the time required to fly to Las Vegas and stay several nights in order to get non-consecutive stays at Wynn.

That said, we happened to have a long weekend coming up where there’s no school for 5 days and we were planning to go somewhere. We enjoy Las Vegas enough that this seemed like a good enough deal to make for a fun quick getaway (particularly when you consider how little we’ll need to spend on food!). It’s not something I would recommend, but I think it’s going to be fun. When we asked the kids if they remembered going to Las Vegas last year, my six year old immediately remembered the arcades at Circus Circus and Excalibur — or, as I explained to a lost adult who mistakenly took the elevator to the “Fun Dungeon” at Excalibur, “the machines with no hope of getting your money back”. We’ve got some fun ideas in mind for the weekend, so getting a trip where we’re able to leverage benefits to make it feel like a good value and we have the chance to hopefully pick up 2 more cruises seems like a good time to me.

While Vegas isn’t for everyone, it’s nice to know that we’ve got some winning in our future without setting foot on a casino floor thanks to some strategic casino matching — all courtesy of the Wyndham Earner Business card. As a reminder, all of this is possible because that card, which costs $95 per year, comes with Wyndham Diamond status, which matches to Caesars Diamond status. Thank you, Wyndham Earner Business for what will be yet another fun weekend filled with credits that extend some Joy of Free thanks to that Wyndham Diamond status.

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Has anyone confirmed that SLH booking for Wynn works for their cruise offer?

[…] Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  I am planning a trip to Las Vegas in the coming weeks and wanted to stay on the Las Vegas Strip at a Caesars Rewards property since I can use my Caesars Diamond Elite Status to get waived resort fees and easy access to the $100 Celebration Dinner voucher.  I am also planning on doing a few status matches to other casino programs and following the excellent guide created by Nick at Frequent Miler. […]

Zoos Traveller

For those interested in the landlubber benefits in Vegas, here is something you might be interested in.

If you are a vet, Caesars will give you platinum status. For being Caesars platinum, Wynn will match you to platinum status with them.

This platinum status at Wynn will get you gold status at Fontainebleau.

And Fanny’s your aunt and Bob’s your uncle.

Zoos Traveller

I want to be clear that I meant vet as in veteran and not veterinarian in my comment above.

Zoos Traveller

You asked for recommendations where to use your celebration dinner benefit and I have three possible choices.

Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars, Bugsy and Meyer’s at Flamingo, and Jack Binion’s at Horseshoe.

The wife and I have dined at the first two in Vegas while we have dined at Jack Binion’s in a couple of different states.

I cannot imagine Binion’s in Vegas won’t be the same high quality as the ones where we’ve dined.

Hell’s Kitchen is where we are going to use my celebration dinner benefit during our next trip while Jack Binion’s is where we will also be dining on this same trip. A dinner at Bugsy and Meyer’s is planned for the trip after that.

During the next trip, we are using the Fontainebleau dining benefit at Mother Wolf. As Hell’s Kitchen and Binion’s are steak places, Mother Wolf will be a nice change of place.

The trip after next will be during my birth month and I will have done the Wynn tier match so I will get the dining benefit. We have never eaten at any restaurant there so wondering if anyone has a suggestion.

Sorry that I wrote a book in response to your question.


I saw your comments below about waiting until the 15th of the following month; is this a hard and fast rule? I am unfortunately matching in AC on May 1 and was hoping to use the Resorts nights later in May. I take it I’m stuck?


Hey Nick, Thank you so much for all the information you share. It is lifechanging! I am a newbie to all of this and your guidance has been priceless. I have a newbie question 😛 I matched to Ocean Prime, it was supposed to come with 2 complimentary nights. But when I called to book them I was told that I have not played enough to earn them. Is there some criteria that has to be met before I can use the comp nights? What is the trigger here? Also is the cruise also conditional on something?

Kindly let me know. Thank you so much!!



Thank you. Looks like there was a wait period of 72 hours before I could book it. The room and the view were breathtaking

Shannon and Sergio @ScrewTheAverage

Hey Nick,

We’re currently in LAS so a couple of thoughts for other potential visitors):


Globalist get auto renovated rooms, resort fees waived, 2-4 daily bottles of water (depending on who you ask), we asked very nicely and they provided a high chair in the room with a tray, Hash House A Go Go portions are HUGE so order conservatively (it actually makes us sad to see how much food is thrown away!), Hash House Globalist breakfast credit is dine in only (they changed that as of April 4th), pool area closes at 5PM, they have renovated 1 bedroom rooms in the Inpanema tower, the Inpanema tower rooms have been upgraded with RFID readers (for room keys), we’ve noticed a LOT less restaurant flyers slid under the door/left in the door, you should ask for your 4PM checkout at minimum the day before departure


Food credit ($150) via the Fontainebleau match has to be used all at one time. In other words, if you only spend $100 you’ll be out the remaining $50.

Shannon and Sergio @ScrewTheAverage

As for breakfast, as soon as you sit down you’ll want to let the waiter know you’re a Globalist so they can code the receipt properly (if you happen to forget, don’t worry as you can fix it at the cashier), and when you go to the cashier you’ll be asked for your room number, ID, and your signature to comp the breakfast.

As best as we can tell it’s ‘one entrée per person’ (up to ‘two adults/two children’, standard Hyatt verbiage) but the execution on how much you can order (if you can order more than one entrée for example) really depends on the waiter.

What’s really nice (for us) is that we can go to breakfast separately at different times of the morning, due to work schedules/prior obligations/baby duty, and still follow the ‘one entrée per person’ rule

Breakfast is 7-11AM Monday – Sunday but be sure you put your name on the wait list (in case there’s one) before 11AM (the restaurant is open until 4PM) so they’ll honor your Globalist benefit.

Finally, if you don’t finish your meal, which is common because the portions are massive, you can ask for a ‘to-go’ box without issue.

We hope that helps! 🙂


I did a status match from Caesars to Wynn it was my birthday. I got the 150 credit and we went to the buffet. Cost..just the tip❤️ working on the Holland cruise now.


Reyes got back yesterday. Caesars reports needing 100 tier credits to get the celebration dinner and also told me it would take until the next tues for it to load. I did the 100 credits on tues but “missed the cutoff” so wasn’t able to use my celebration dinner on the trip. Tried 3 times over 3 days with different people same story. So if yours doesn’t show on your card prior to arrival this may be the new normal although as always YMMV.


My diamond appeared a little more than a week before the trip. I tried at a resteraunt (nothing showing) and also went to the reward desk (3 times) where I got the we don’t activate that until 100 pts now and they do them in batches usually on Tuesday so u missed the cutoff as you earned your points too late on tuesday.


Look forward to hearing the results. Due to local rules I had no ability to earn tier pts in my home state prior to the trip…


Reyes, Hello Nick, What is the SB app and how to earn Caesars tier points? Do you have to bet real money on it?Thank you

M Travel

Hi Nick:
Can you match Wyndham Diamond status to Caesars Diamond status every year? When I matched Mlife gold to Caesar Diamond, I was told by Caesars that the status match can only be matched once.
Thank you for clarifying!!

Zoos Traveller

To paraphrase a couple of lines from a song, You can’t always Google what you want. But if you try sometime, you’ll Google what you need.

I had actually never heard of this site when it popped up in my Google feed as one of the stories I might be interested in. I definitely was.

My wife and I missed out on saying goodbye to Tropicana, but we did not want to miss out on saying goodbye to Beatles Love so we had a Vegas trip booked before this story showed up as a Google suggestion.

I am a Caesars Diamond player and while I knew about the Fontainebleau tier match offer and was going to take advantage, I did not know about the Wynn tier match offer.

Had I not read about this story, I would have missed out on the Wynn tier match and would have missed out on the increased benefit that would give me at Fontainebleau as compared to matching my Caesars Diamond directly to Fontainebleau.

So a BIG thank you to Nick Reyes.

And thanks to my fellow readers so I know I can go to Wynn, get their player’s card even though the benefits might not be available for seven days, and then go to Fontainebleau to get tier matched.

The seven day wait at the Wynn, and the benefit available only in a player’s birth month, gives us incentives to go back again this year.

Happy birth month to me.

Last edited 1 month ago by Zoos Traveller
Zoos Traveller

I have a question about obtaining Ocean Prime status.

Before I get to the question though, I have to admit when you mentioned Ocean Prime it threw me because there is a restaurant chain named Ocean Prime and we have a location near me. I did an internet search and realized Ocean was a casino and Prime was a player level.

Anyway, I digress.

Except for my Caesars Diamond, which comes from a local casino, all my statuses will be from tier matching at Vegas casinos and that will include Hard Rock Icon status.

May I take that Hard Rock Icon player’s card from Vegas to Ocean in Atlantic City and get the Prime status so that I can get the benefit of free nights at Resorts World in Vegas?

Thank you for your time.

I have since did some research and I think I answered my own question. It would seem I cannot do what I was thinking I can, but if I can, I would like to know..

Last edited 1 month ago by Zoos Traveller

[…] Frequent Miler At the beginning of the month, news broke that Wynn Las Vegas is offering a temporary status match. That match includes the opportunity to get a complimentary Holland America cruise for two in an oceanview cabin. If you’ve been reading this blog over the past couple of years, you know that if you want me […] …more […]


The status at Wynn doesn’t kick in for 7 days after matching so using your spa credit on this trip is not an option. I was told FHR counts towards the cruise two night stay requirement.

Last edited 1 month ago by Odie

But will you get the status and Wynn Platinum card right away? to match to Fontainebleau Gold same day?


I got the card right away and was told status wouldn’t show up for 7 days and didn’t bother checking while in town. I’m told status shows up right away by some though

Zoos Traveller

Thank you for answering Yifty’s question which is the same one I had.

Before reading your answer, I imagined have to do a turn and burn to Vegas so I could have the Wynn card to tier match at Fontainebleau during our next trip.

taco lover

I really, really love Holland America Cruises. Great food, Classical Music offerings, comparatively very few drunks and no kids. Also I feel like a youngster compared to the vast majority of the other PAX, and I am almost 69 years old.

Each Cruise Company serves a particular niche, this is not a family Cruise line in any way, shape or form.

Book one of their newer ships, the older, smaller ships are rust buckets.
Have the grandparents watch the kids while you 2 go on your Cruise to avoid the dirty looks. IMHO

taco lover

and pay for a balcony or suite, you have the means….I would shoot myself if I had an interior cabin. At this pace you will burn yourself out on taking these “Free Cruise”, steerage class trips……..classic case of more is less.


I notice that the Caesars Rewards website has updated their benefits page. They now have a footnote by the Celebration dinner that says that you need 100 tier credits to qualify for the benefit. Disappointing, but I typically spend more than $100 with Caesars throughout the course of a year, so getting that shouldn’t be too hard. I’d rather get it up front, though.

Zoos Traveller

After reading your comment, I went to the benefits page and I am not seeing what you saw.

Not that I have to worry about it because I already have over one hundred tier credits this year so far

With Caesars, I make my tier level the old fashioned way. I earn it.

A little 80s TV commercial reference for those who don’t get it.