Plastiq for taxes deadline tonight at 11:59pm Eastern



Plastiq taxes

For those readers interested in paying federal income taxes via Plastiq, this is a quick reminder that there are less than two hours left to do so. Plastiq’s deadline for on-time payment of federal income taxes is tonight, April 9th, at 11:59pm Eastern time. As some readers may have taken part in the recent Plastiq referral promotion, this could be a good way to use your fee-free dollar credits.

For more information on using Plastiq to make tax payments, see our Complete Guide to Plastiq Credit Card Payments. Additionally, see our Complete Guide to Paying Taxes via Credit Card, 2017 edition for more information on other options for making tax payments via credit card (many options exist at a lower fee if you do not have fee-free dollars at Plastiq). Also see Platiq’s blog post on paying US taxes via credit card.

While there are older data points suggesting that payment of taxes through Plastiq earned 3X with the AT&T Access More Card, recent data points have been that it does not earn 3X anymore. YMMV.

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Isn’t it much cheaper than Pastiq if you pay with the 1040Pay website?


Have you paid taxes with the Masterpass promo? I have lots to pay so lots of $250 pymts.