Priority Pass adds Denver restaurant


Many of us have Priority Pass Select memberships thanks to having ultra-premium credit cards: Amex Platinum, Sapphire Reserve, Ritz Carlton, Citi Prestige, US Bank Altitude Reserve, CNB Crystal Visa Infinite, etc.  And that’s great when traveling through airport terminals with Priority Pass lounges, but it doesn’t help in most domestic airports where AA, Delta, and United lounges dominate.

Fortunately, Priority Pass has been expanding in a terrific new way.  At select airport restaurants, travelers can use their Priority Pass cards to get free food and drinks.  Typically, they offer around $28 off the bill per person.  If you have a Priority Pass membership that allows free guests, then everyone with you gets up to $28 off!  At the Portland International Airport Priority Pass gets you food and drink at Capers Cafe, Capers Market, and House Spirits Distillery.  Similarly, Priority Pass offers free food and drink at 7 restaurants in the Sydney Airport, and 1 at London Gatwick.

Now, Priority Pass has added a restaurant in the Denver International Airport: Timberline Steaks & Grille.

Here are the terms from the Priority Pass website:


1. Cardholders can use their lounge visit entitlement to receive US$28 off the bill. Each US$28 deduction represents a single lounge visit within the Cardholder’s existing lounge visit allocation for which the Cardholder will, where applicable, be charged. E.g. if a Cardholder registers 1 Guest they will receive US$56 off their bill which will be charged as 1 Cardholder visit + 1 Guest visit on their account.

Additional Information

2. The US$28 is valid for the purchase of any meal and/or drinks. To be eligible, Cardholders must present a valid card before placing an order. 3. US$28 is non-transferable & cannot be exchanged for cash substitute or refund if the final bill is lower than US$28 per person. 4. Cardholder is responsible for the balance if total final bill exceeds US$28 per person. Any remaining balance cannot be used towards gratuity.

Now, if any Priority Pass powers-that-be are reading, can you please add a restaurant in Detroit’s North Terminal?  Thank you!
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We just went through ATL and PP has a great lounge there, in the international concourse…they also allow access to the “minute lounge” (terminal B, I think) which was new to us. Upon checking, it has no food or drink but instead has quiet rooms with beds for you to take a nap, the first hour is free for PP members….I prefer a good cocktail to a nap so we went to the “delta club” in terminal F…now that ATL has integrated its international concourse it is easy to get to…some airports require extra security checks or getting a TSA agent to open a side door to allow access


So, if I’m at PDX, can I actually go to each of the locations and get $28 worth of food/drink at each one? If yes, does this apply to every airport that has more than one lounge?

Jacob Burns

MSP has also recently changed – the new Priority Pass Lounge is the existing PGA Tour Club. Members get a voucher for $25 off food / drinks / golf simulator time. Free putting green while you wait


I was at Denver Airport yesterday and searched for lounges there. This did not come up.


I flew into Denver yesterday with my husband and we did both enjoy our free breakfast with my card! It was hard to believe they would give us up to a $56 credit!


So for most of us who have multiple Priority Passes from different c.c’s, does that mean we get multiple of the $28 off? Sounds perfect legit to me in theory. Might need to tip the server more than generously…


And a variation of Tsai’s question: I also have multiple PP memberships, and a large family (spouse + 5 kids). If I can bring two guests per membership, I’m hoping it will be possible to check in with each of my three different memberships and bring two guests on each of them. Anybody tried this at other PP lounges?


Tsai, my name is Adam and I am an assistant manager at Timberline Grille. We allow check-ins for the number of guests present, so if it’s just you, we would process a single check-in. Hope this helps.


If only it were root down


I’m pleased to finally get some good future use of the pass in Denver since I have been there 7 times this year alone. But I just ate in that restaurant 3 nights ago.


This is AMAZING. DEN is my home airport, and C is the SWA concourse. Im there ALL the time…


“Now, if any Priority Pass powers-that-be are reading, can you please add a restaurant in Detroit’s North Terminal?”

Come on Greg, you guys have had a Lufthansa lounge for years!


Is anyone else getting the text emails for replies instead of the regular WordPress ones? The text ones are always cut off so I have to load the entire page just to read a single comment instead of just getting the single comment in an email like I get from every other wordpress-based site. It takes forever on my phone and I don’t have unlimited data.

Greg, I know you said the text emails were only for some old posts, but this page was posted today and I’m still getting text emails. Please look into this. You can email me if you’d like and I’ll do any testing you need to get this back to the HTML emails.


Do all levels of PP qualify for this? My card is the one that came with the HH surpass. Would that work?


That card requires a fee of $27 per person for any lounge visit. When visiting the restaurant, you might as well pay out of pocket and have more flexibility.


It will be nice to have an option in Denver now. I’ll gladly use this offer and be thankful for it, but this isn’t a particularly good restaurant. I ate there a few months ago and it was pretty mediocre airport food for the price.


Of course, right after we move out of Denver. But at least we have the best Centurion Lounge in the country at DFW.