[Expired] PUBLIC: Companion Pass after 1 purchase for California residents!

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As was previously rumored, the offer for the Southwest Companion Pass after opening a Chase Southwest credit card and making a single purchase has now gone public for all California residents. It appears to work with any of the three Southwest credit cards.

The Offer

  • Earn a Companion Pass by opening a Southwest credit card and making a single purchase
  • Also earn the signup bonus for that card
  • Offer ends 11/30/17
  • Direct link to the promotion page

Quick Thoughts

This offer is awesome for California residents (again, note it’s targeted only to those who live in California). We previously wrote about this offer when it was targeted to specific members (See: INCREDIBLE: Companion Pass with a single purchase! [Targeted]), but it’s now available to all California residents. If you have a companion with whom you can fly, you’ll be able to bring them for free (you just pay the taxes, currently from $5.60 one-way for a domestic flight) an unlimited amount of times — whether you book your flight with cash, points, LUV vouchers, someone else’s money, etc. For more on the Southwest Companion Pass, see our Complete Guide to the Southwest Companion Pass. Note that the promotional companion pass earned through this offer will only be valid through 12/31/18 no matter when you make your purchase, so there is no benefit in holding off on a purchase for this offer.

It’s furthermore great to see that this offer is available on all three cards — and they still come with their respective signup bonuses. That makes the business version of the card the most appealing as it continues to offer a 60,000 point signup bonus, while the personal versions each offer 40,000 points. More information is available at the promotion page above (where you can click links to the offer on each of the three cards that all provide the same landing page offer of a Companion Pass after a single purchase).

H/T: Reddit via IAD Gr8

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[…] A few weeks ago, there was a targeted offer to California residents for a Southwest Companion Pass after signing up for the Southwest credit card.  That offer was available but is now expired (but again, only California residents).  H/T – Frequent Miler […]

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The T&C state the offer isn’t valid for current RR cardholders or past cardholders who have received a sign-up bonus within the last 24 months. I opened my RR Premier card over 24 months ago. Can I get this offer if I cancel my card?


if you cancel, then apply you would get the bonus


Why don’t they offer this to the Texas residents, you know their home base????


I am an authorized user on my wife’s card, does that count as having the card? Should I have my wife take me off her account?


Just applied for the card two weeks ago. Do you think they will match this offer. I’m a Cali resident.

gone subscriber

Conviniently omitted anything about the 5/24 rule which the most important thing here. Deceptive & just weak. Sorry this has happened many times in the past too. Me & buddies unsubscribing. Bye !


It’s not deceptive. It would get old to mention 5/24 every time they post about any Chase card. It’s a known quantity at this point. No need to mention it every time anything Chase comes up.
At any rate, the bigger barrier to this promotion for most readers is having a California address, not 5/24.


Good Riddance!


Agree with Ray, good riddance!

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[…] HT: Frequent Miler […]


If I am a current card holder, but it has been over two years since I got the bonus, should I cancel my current card ($99 fee) and then reapply for say the $69 fee in a couple of weeks? Or will that not work?


Which card is better? The Plus or the Premier?


Does this apply to current southwest airlines cardholders?


If I get 2 SW cards, make the purchase in 2018, and get enough points to meet the 110k requirement needed for the normal companion pass, will my companion pass expire in 2018 per this promotion? or does it expires in 2019 as a normal companion pass?


I don’t see why it wouldn’t expire in 2019.

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Note that the promotional companion pass earned through this offer will only be valid through 12/31/18 no matter when you make your purchase……

Probably means that Hawaii flights start in 2019.


Yes 5/24 applies. I wonder why that was conveniently omitted. Hmmmm….


Does 5/24 apply here?




Is there a different landing page for the business card offer that shows you get the companion pass with registration?


Business card isn’t subject to 5/24, right?


Never mind, brain fart. If you’re over 5/24, you can’t get it, but it doesn’t count toward 5/24 for future apps.

Daniel Shamooelian

Also let’s say I got the southwest card and referred it to a friend who lives in California through the chase refer a friend website would the friend get the companion pass? Or does he need to apply through this promotion page?


I think it’s still targeted? The terms stated only available to those who got the email.


i just talked to SW, they said as long as you live in CA and have a RR account and never applied for a SW in the past 24, you’re eligible. But it’s probably one of those things that you get a different answer by speaking to a diff rep. I hope she’s right though because I just applied and got a 30 days reply.


How do they determine residency? Address that you provide at account opening?