Qatar Qsuites Open From US – Doha during Fall 2024.


Qatar Airways has opened quite a bit of open Qsuites availability this Fall on its newly-added second flight between Miami and Doha. Award space is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between September through December, many days have 2 seats available. Unfortunately, the space isn’t showing up on American or Alaska, so you have to use Qatar, British Airways or JetBlue to book. (h/t: findflightsforme via VFTW)

While there’s plenty of flights available between Miami and Doha, extending the trip in either direction was difficult to do, especially when it involved a US positioning flight.

Not a bad way to have to fly halfway around the world

The Deal

  • Fly Qatar Airways Qsuites from Miami to Doha for as low as 70,000 Avios one-way between September and December, 2024.
    • Most availability is on Tues, Thurs and Sat
    • Many days have 2 seats available

Ways to Book

Currently, there’s no availability via American AAdvantage or Alaska Mileage Plan. Here’s the options that we were able to find

  • Avios (British Airways) – 70,000 Avios and + $100-$150 in surcharges each way (use portal +  American Express, Bilt, Chase and Capital One are all British Airways transfer partners. Avios can also be transferred from Qatar to BA, which allows you to indirectly us Citi ThankYou Points.
  • JetBlue – 80,000 TrueBlue points + $8-$55 each way (use portal +
  • Avios (Qatar) – 85,000 Avios + $300-$400 in surcharges each way (use portal + Citi ThankYou points transfers directly to Qatar. Avios can also be transferred from BA to Qatar, but it can be a bit of a process to set up initially (see how here).
Qsuites from the US to Doha are 80K points + $8 via JetBlue

Quick Thoughts

Qsuites are hands-down one of the best business class products in the world. They have a self-contained suite with doors that feels more like a first class cabin. Greg finally had a chance to fly it earlier last year and loved it.

Usually when Qatar drops a bunch of availability, we can also book flights for destinations that extend beyond Doha. That’s possible via Qatar’s own program right now, but the additional taxes & fees make it extremely expensive. We found a flight from Miami-to Johannesburg, South Africa in Qsuites the entire way that had ~$1000 in surcharges (in addition to 95K Avios). BA charges much less in fees for Qatar flights, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the same connecting itineraries there. Others may have better luck.

This availability most likely won’t last long, so book it ASAP if you find dates and routing that works for you.

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I just booked two reward tickets on BA site flying Qatar business BKK to JFK with a stop in Doha. It showed both legs and the cost was 180,000 avois plus $477 total for both tickets. The turn around time in Qatar was only 1 hour 20 minutes. We got the conformation email showing both flights but the next day when I looked on the BA site it only showed one flight. The date isn’t until January so there is no rush but just wondering if there is a delay in posting reward flights sometimes.