Quick Tip: Kickfurther limits credit card claims to $500 at a time


Invalid request error occurred.Kickfurther has announced a few updates including a new credit card funding limit of $500 at a time.  This makes Kickfurther far less interesting to me.  Let’s hope they roll this back!

You can read my previous reports about Kickfurther in these posts:

Hat Tip: MC_Cuff_Lnx on Reddit

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[…] Alive, but partially hobbled (Prev: Alive).  Kickfurther added a $500 limit to credit card funding.  Fortunately it is possible to make multiple credit card payments for the same offer if […]


KF is becoming very risky, highly opaque and not investor friendly management. I would not be surprised if they came down and brought down quite a lot of investors with them. I am not putting any new money into them any more. Just keeping my fingers crossed that I am able to get my capital out.


Are you seeing anyone pushing back on this change?

It might not come through until we actually get new high-value coops. There are coops with packages higher than the $500 limit, where it would be completely out of reach.

Do you think contributing twice separately with 2 different cards will work?


I’ve done all mine between $100 and $300. I’ve been pretty picky about what I’ve backed and still have two failures and a few more who are late, but I expect to see payment from eventually.

So, at least by spreading out the risk, my successful co-ops should pay for my failures and I’ll break even.