Kohls better than free appliances after extreme stacking!


Hurry, this deal ends tomorrow (10/2/2016)

Kohls better than free mini appliances

Kohl’s is offering a number of small appliances on sale and with $12 rebates:

  • Toastmaster 2-Slice Toaster
  • Toastmaster Personal Blender
  • Toastmaster Mini Food Processor
  • Toastmaster 5-Cup Coffee Maker
  • Toastmaster Electric Can Opener
  • Toastmaster Electric Knife
  • Toastmaster Hand Mixer
  • Toastmaster Mini Slow Cooker
  • Toastmaster 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker

By Extreme Stacking, you can get more than your money back for these items!  Out & Out has all of the details here: Hurry! ~$500 Moneymaker on Kitchen Appliances at Kohl’s With Discover It or Freedom.

And don’t forget to brush up on Extreme Stacking Kohls.

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anyone made copies of the UPC / barcodes they can send me?

Kohls rebate says they’re missing 9 of my barcodes. I double checked before I mailed and there were 40 of them, but somehow 9 got misplaced.


I got a rebate card for 17 out of my 39 rebates today. Hoping another card is coming. Mailed them all in together. Anyone else have an update?


I ordered 4 slow cookers and 2 food processors. I bought with Mileageplus X and used my Chase Freedom + Ebates. I sent in the rebate form a week or two ago and received notification that the Rebates center has received it and I will be getting $72 in rebates. WOOHOO. I also sold two of the slow cookers for $15 each in my university free & for sale page. Very happy; plus I was able to put the slow cooker and food processor to good use already. Can’t wait for the visa gift card to arrive.

Also, I did use one form for all 6 items, sent it with the barcodes and sent by Certified mail as I was worried it would get lost.


I have a couple of questions
. . I received a box with 15 items (5 x 3) . Since together with the completed rebate form, we have to send the original packing slip(no copies allowed), do I have to send 15 rebate forms ( each with UPC attached) on the same envelope with the only packaging slip?
..The original rebate receipt or packing slip dated between 09/28/16–10/02/16. My packaging slip doesn’t have date. Do I have to send any extra doc (email, copy of online receipt, to prove It was done in between those dates?
Thank you


Did anyone receive there orders yet? The order have been in process/fulfillment since the 2nd. The only item that shipped from the order was the crockpot and I am not sure it is the correct sku for the rebate. Toastmaster 1.5-qt. Slow Cooker Toastmaster 99495972.


In for a few of these, but a warning for future deals like this. Rebate requires removing UPC from box, making resale difficult. If you can Ebay/classified sell these, great. Could also just gift these or donate them.

[…] Kohls better than free appliances after extreme stacking! […]

Jeff H.

Also HIGHLY recommend keeping an eye on price drops with Kohls. Won’t really apply to this deal…but I’ve been buying a lot from kohl’s lately, and many of the prices fluctuated heavily over the last week. Got about ~$75 back in price adjustments. Paribus is a nice tool for that. Just something to keep in mind!

Harlan V.

Thank you, Greg! Reading your experiments in the Lab definitely gave me the confidence to jump into this. Much appreciated! 🙂

And I gotta say while I’m here… man, I LOVE stacking at Kohl’s! It seems every few months there’s a fantastic stacking opportunity. Part of the reason I caved and got a Kohl’s charge card.

Thanks again!