Amex to answer the Sapphire Reserve, in-store bonus miles, and a guide to eBay’s gift card rules



Welcome to the Frequent Miler Week In Review series. Every Saturday we recap what you might have missed from around the web. Enjoy!

This Week Around the Web

Rumor: American Express To Compete With Chase Sapphire Reserve, As Early As Q4 – Obviously Amex has to respond to the huge success of the Sapphire Reserve card, but can they really do it so quickly? Doctor of Credit says that Amex’s answer to the Sapphire Reserve may be introduced as early as October 5th!

Bonus Miles In-Store at Whole Foods, Lowe’s, Gap and More with HawaiianMiles Marketplace – This has been on my to-do list for a while now, but Rapid Travel Chai has necessary details. Make sure to read this one — there’s some juicy stuff for those who like to Ink points.

eBay Gift Card Policy Primer: An Easy Guide to eBay’s New Rules – With eBay gift card rules constantly changing, here’s a helpful all-in-one guide.

Have a great day!

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or put differently, as your bio notes, you teach us how to earn gazillions of miles via this esteemed blog….

well, teaching opportunity at hand. Don’t ignore it.


Say Greg, ok, I get it and appreciate that you have a business relationship (at various levels) with Amex. As such, how ’bout reaching out to your handlers there to see if any of us who ms (like you do) on the new cards will face clawbacks AFTER the fact?

Seriously, real candor please. Will this new card have the same enforced policy against any and all forms of ms? (while I’m at it, are similar t&c bombs lurking in our Chase cards?)


That’s pretty lame, and obviously a knee jerk reaction to the Sapphire card. I have a Amex PLT and everyday card, PLT for business have stopped using Everyday card using Sapphire now and easier with it being a Visa branded card.

Rumor has it Amex is coming out with their real answer fourth quarter, going to have to be good.


To all you above mad at Amex…you sure do get this game….Thanks Greg for all you do.


Some truth to the concerns over AMEX. They have gone past the pale in several cases where they have clawed back points 100% earned within the terms and conditions, clawed back points never given in the first place and made up rules on the fly not in the terms and conditions. AMEX must feel that Wells Fargo has been hogging all the free press and they want in on the action.


I cancelled all my Amex cards, not the company I want to do business with.


I don’t want anymore Amex cards after the 100K clawback.


I second that! Don’t trust Amex! Just walk away from any of their products.