Radisson Rewards Pausing Points Expiration & Adding Elite Night/Stay Rollover


Radisson Rewards has sent out an email to members today listing their updated COVID-19 policies regarding status, expiration of free night certificates and more. While some of those policies were already in place, they’ve made a couple of additional – positive – changes regarding the expiration of points and rolling over elite night and stay credits.

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Here’s a list of their updated policies:

Point expiration suspension:

We are extending our pause on the expiration of Radisson Rewards points. Any points that were set to expire between March 1, 2020 and March 30, 2021 will now expire on March 31, 2021, if the account remains inactive.

Elite status extension:

We have extended your 2020 status – whether it’s Silver, Gold or Platinum – through February 2022, for those whose status would have expired in February 2021. This means you will continue to enjoy all the great Silver, Gold or Platinum member benefits you have access to today.

Elite earning roll over:

All eligible nights and stays earned in 2020 will roll over to 2021 and be applied toward maintaining or increasing your Elite status in 2022.

e-Cert extension:

e-Certs earned using the Radisson Rewards Visa® Card, that were scheduled to expire between March 1 and July 31, 2020, can be redeemed through June 30, 2021.

Some of these changes were already in place. For example, they’d already announced that status would be extended through February 2021 and that e-Certs would be valid through June 30, 2021.

The changes are to the points expiration policy and the introduction of elite night and stay rollovers.

Points Expiration

Before today, their points expiration policy was a little ambiguous as it simply said it would be suspended for six months from March 1. Their new policy is clearer and is a definite improvement – any points that were due to expire between March 1, 2020 and March 30, 2021 now won’t expire until March 31, 2021.

Rollover Elite Nights/Stays

Another apparent new policy is the introduction of elite night and stay rollovers. Any elite nights and stays you earn during 2020 will now be rolled over to 2021.

While these aren’t earth-shattering changes, it’s good to see Radisson Rewards continuing to update their COVID-19-related policies in a way that benefits members of its loyalty program.

We’ve updated our master list of COVID-19 policies for airlines, hotels, cruises and more with this information as well.

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FYI–While it says certificates expiring between 3/1 and 7/31/19 were extended to 6/30/21, others were also extended. I had one expiring 3/31/2021 and it was also extended to 6/30/2021. On Flyertalk there are data points of people with certificates expiring in 11/2020 and 2/2021 having their certs extended too.

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