Radisson to lose Martinique on Broadway?


Radisson Rewards only has a few top-tier properties in the US. One of the benefits of the Radisson Rewards credit cards (formerly the Club Carlson Rewards credit cards) is that you can get a free night at any property in the US for each $10K you spend in a cardmember year (up to $30K). Within the US, there are only 4 top-tier properties, and it looks like they are losing one later this year. The Radisson Martinique on Broadway is slated to become a Curio Collection by Hilton property, though it’s unclear exactly when as both programs are selling rooms at the same time.

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Radisson Rewards currently has four top-tier properties in the United States, with two in the greater Minneapolis area and the others in Chicago and New York.

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However, according to this Flyertalk thread, the Martinique on Broadway was first listed on Hilton’s website in 2016 as a Curio Collection opening in 2018. Indeed, you can find that to be the case here. As noted in the Flyertalk thread, the property started taking reservations on Hilton.com for stays from December 6th, 2018 onward. Interestingly, both programs are taking reservations beyond that date. For example, here is December 12-13, 2018 on Radisson’s website:

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And here it is available to book via Hilton on the same day:

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Interestingly, you can alternatively use Hilton Honors points to book it:

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But award availability for Radisson Rewards members completely dries up after June 29th, with no rooms on points (or therefore free night certificates) available for the remainder of the calendar after that.

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Since Hilton is taking reservations from December 6th onward, I think it’s safe to expect that this hotel will indeed become a Curio Collection hotel at that point, though it seems somewhat curious to see both programs continuing to take reservations beyond that. In fact, Radisson Rewards takes reservations very far in advance — at the moment, you can reserve cash rates as late as December 31st, 2019.

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However, there are no award stays available that far out.

Truth be told, I don’t often closely track hotel changeovers, so perhaps it is common for both programs to continue taking reservations for some time after the switchover date. I know that in most cases, the new management generally honors existing reservations made through the old program and I would expect that to be the case here, though I can’t say with certainty.

Assuming that this transition does happen, it is a huge blow to Radisson Rewards credit card holders who spend big for the free annual certificates. While Radisson Rewards does present good value in some ways, there are a limited number of properties where you can feel like you’re getting sizable value out of the annual big spend bonus free night certificates. It’s only one location — but when that location represents 25% of the top-tier properties in the US and 33% of the metropolitan areas covered by top-tier properties, it’s definitely a hit.

Radisson Rewards does also have a Category 6 property in New York City (the Cassa Hotel NY 45th Street), so there will still be another New York option for the annual free night certificates from spend, but award availability isn’t likely to become easier to come by with the loss of the Martinique.

If you are holding free night certificates with the intention to use them at the Martinique, you’ll want to make a reservation sooner rather than later.

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[…] recently wrote about how the Radisson Martinique appears to be leaving the Radisson brand. In that post, I mentioned that when a property leaves a chain, existing reservations are often […]


The Martinique has been our favorite NYC hotel because we could 1) get a very cheap room, and 2) get the breakfast buffet for free, along with a couple of drink chits for the bar. For us it is ideally located practically on top of a subway stop and at the beginning of Korea town with lots of wonderful cheap restaurants. I enjoy the oddly shaped rooms, and 3 times out of 4 we’ve been up on the penthouse floor in a larger room. The only thing I hate is 1) the ROCK hard beds that kills me (true of all Radisson/Carlson Rezidor hotels), and the smoking right outside the entry door that wafts in to the restaurant/bar because of all the foreign flight crews.


New York is already such a weird hotel market. It’s a top destination, which means that even holiday inns go for the higher categories of points. That is, in NYC, you could be paying the same amount of points to stay at a holiday inn in Manhattan that you would to stay at a higher tier hotel elsewhere. Then there’s all the hotels that are historical and famous in various ways – the Plaza, the Algonquin, the Benjamin – so you’re paying for more than the small room, you’re paying for the history (and marketing).. I feel like that changes the math a little in terms of how “aspirational” properties and/or top hotel category properties are categorized. I guess in that sense the Martinique was having a hard time competing within those categories. Hopefully Hilton will do something nice with it, but judging by the state of their Waldorf Astoria before it closed for renovations, I wouldn’t hold out hope.


Even as A Gold Elite, the “upgrade” room I received at the Martinique was *easily the worst* hotel room I’ve ever had in NYC. From my experience, albeit a couple of years ago, the property was desperately in need of renovation. And even if that were to happen, as another commented noted, the rooms are oddly shaped. It would be extremely hard to stay there again under pretty much any circumstance, for me.


Really awful how the powers that be have let Club Carlson — now Radisson — brand continue to deteriorate. (and we still have two CC business visa cards — we’re re-thinking any further spending efforts to earn free nights, as the remaining few… gets fewer and fewer)

Two other recent departures still rankle. We’d long planned a journey to the west coast to finish at Fisherman’s Wharf. But nope, we got there a few months after that FW Radisson Blu left the program. Then for next month, I was planning to stay at Philadelphia’s famed “The Warwick” — another long touted (by Ariana & co) Rad Blu there. But nooooo, the Warwick too left the Raddy (ratti?) fold.

At the other end, they’re still hawking the Club Carlson/Radisson credit cards as offering up to nine free nights — never mind that there’s now only “ONE” 9k property left in the USA. Pretty soon, honest bloggers (with a bit of courage) can dub Radison to be the “Highlander” chain — where there only can be one property left per category…..

Time to end the charade Rattison. Clean up your brand (s) with something new… not just more and more bad news.


I’ve stayed here before. It’s nowhere near top tier there are plenty of other hotels to stay in that provide a better experience for less.


I don’t get the obsession with seeking out and staying at so-called “top tier” hotels. What’s so much better over there? Nicer bed, stronger water pressure, free breakfast or free laundry? Just the fact that you got 70k points worth out of your certificate means nothing. I’ve stayed in several supposedly top hotels where I couldn’t stand it there.

My goal is to have a convenient location where I need to be, and Radisson is disappointing on that front in the US because of small footprint the farther West you go.

Also, 10k of spending could get you at least $200 cashback, assuming non-bonus category spend. That hotel better be significantly above $200 for the certificate to be worth the hassle.


> Nicer bed, stronger water pressure, free breakfast or free laundry

FYI top-tire hotels generally don’t offer freebies like free breakfast

> Also, 10k of spending could get you at least $200 cashback, assuming non-bonus category spend

10k spend on $60 RR card also earns 50k which isn’t all that bad.


Interesting post. The city has hundreds of hotels with more sprouting by the minute. How hard is it for Carlson Rezidor to maintain a relationship with one? It’s not like the company has rigorous brand standards. This is a new low.


I’ve stayed at this hotel a number of times. It is…… Overrated. Weird shaped rooms, poor to average service and generally inflated cash rates for a property in need of a renovation.
Seemed to be mostly foreign flight crews and people on tour packages.