Raking in $ on AirBnB, dropping $16K on Necker, your money might be expired and more


In this Frequent Miler week in review around the web, read about how that foreign currency you’re hoarding might now be worthless, how you can stock your bank account with vacation rentals, the cost of a week at Necker Island, and more. Read on for the weekend recap.

I Never Thought Money Expired. I Was Wrong

Do you save foreign currency from your trips abroad? I always used to keep about five bucks in local currency to keep as a souvenir. At some point, I realized that there was also some utility to this — I knew I’d go to Europe again some day and having some Euros to bring with me might obviate the need to stop at the ATM on the way out of the airport. I’ve done the same with some other currencies over the years and never worried that the money might expire before I got to use it. I certainly wouldn’t have been worried about money issued in 2016 no longer being legal tender — but if you’re traveling to England, maybe you should. This post from Your Mileage May Vary proves that the value of your old currency might vary, too — all the way down to zero.

Save Money on Family Dinner: 7 Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free

My 1-year-old son has an appetite. Right around the time he turned one, we got to the point where we realized dinners out would begin earning me more points costing us 50% more than they previously had. Then my wife saw that someone on Facebook mentioned that kids eat free at (some) Friendly’s restaurants on Wednesdays. That led me to Google it and I came across this post from the Penny Horder that was updated on March 12th — not quite a post from this week, but as a family travel newbie still, I was happy to find out where I might be able to score a free meal on my next road trip.

Would you pay $16,000 for a week on Necker Island?

I’ve been considering opportunity cost on the earning side more and more over the past year and along with that has come at least a bit more thought put into the burn side as well. That said, I’m not at all the FIRE type. I get people who are, but forgoing the life I enjoy living for the chance to maybe get to live the way I want 20 years from now isn’t a trade I’m interested in making. The idea of earning a bunch of points while I have the opportunity to do so and using them to enjoy experiences around the world that I wouldn’t otherwise buy does appeal to me. I completely agree with Vinh’s perspective on this. I’m always conscious of the fact that this whole MS game could go away, at which point I’ll happily go back to economy class travel and mystery hotels and enjoy that without regret about what I could have done. I’m saving up for a rainy day, but I’ll enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Why I Don’t Care About Travel Anymore

Like many folks out there, my desire to travel long pre-dated my desire to travel comfortably. I’ve mentioned before that my wife hates to fly. Fifty-something countries visited and she continues to get on the plane every time, but it’s not easy for her. I’ve told her more than once that if she never wanted to travel again, I’d be happy to sit at home on the couch with her (and now our son). And so I’m partly on board with what Ariana writes at the Point Chaser here in terms of the ability to be content with life at home. But on the other hand, I don’t think I’ve ever viewed travel as an escape from my daily life but rather a chance to broaden my perspective. Sure, I’ve come to sometimes enjoy the opulence of business and first class travel and fancy resorts, but I also just love seeing new places and things — whether two hours away by car or twenty by plane. I’ve probably traveled far less than Ariana and certainly lifetimes less than Ben at One Mile at a Time, so maybe one day my perspective will change. What about you — has your travel itch been scratched? Do you continue to collect miles anyway?

A Complete Guide To Making A Ton Of Money On Airbnb & /w Short Term Rentals

Drew at Travel is Free is back. I’ve long been intrigued by the possibilities with AirBnB and my wife and I have teetered on the brink of diving into it more than once or twice. This post is long and I’m definitely not done digesting it. However, if you’re at all intrigued by the idea of making a return that far outpaces the value of 5x at Office Supply stores, this is probably worth a read or eight.

That’s it for this week around the web. Check back soon for this week’s last chance deals.

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