Re-link Hyatt to MGM Gold now


Back in late February, many readers may have matched their MGM Gold status to Hyatt Explorist status. MGM status runs through September 30th, so your Gold status likely dropped to Sapphire this week. If you have Hyatt Explorist or higher status, you can now match to MGM M Life Gold, which will be valid through September 30, 2019 — which will likely give you a chance to stay on the status merry-go-round by hopping back on with Hyatt Explorist when status expires in February 2019.

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To hop back on the merry-go-round, log in to your Hyatt account and go to this page. Scroll down to the M life section and click the blue “opt in” button. That will bring you to a special M life page where you will be prompted to log in to your M life account. I had actually already logged into my M life account in another tab, but it still prompted me to enter my email address and password. If you have trouble, try starting the process by logging into both your Hyatt and M life accounts in separate tabs and go back to the Hyatt partnerships page and click “opt in”.

After you are prompted to enter your M life account information, your status should be updated to Gold right away.

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Then, next year, you should be able to hop back on the merry-go-ground since Hyatt status expires in February but your M life status is valid through September. Of course, that could change at any time — but you should pick up M life Gold now to be ready. It might also come in handy for getting some sort of benefit (i.e. not much, but something beats nothing) if you’re planning to take advantage of the MGM Amex Offer we posted earlier.

H/T: joeyp907 on reddit

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What Hyatt status can I match my M_Life Platinum status to?
And how?
Thanks! 🙂


This has worked for me in the past but not this year. I have contacted Mlife to see if they can do it manually.


Seems like they’ve stopped this opt-in now then?
I can’t seem to do it either…


I emailed them and they did it manually.


I was checking my status (Gold MLife via Hyatt) last week and was told status is good through October 31st and then it resets. That is also what I remember from last year as well.


Sorry – dumb question. I had Gold last year and my account shows Gold now. The only date in my account says Tier Credits expire on Sep 30, 2019 just like yours and I have NOT re-linked yet this year. Do you think its done or do I keep checking. From memory I thought I was downgraded every year and had to relink… Thanks for the help!

Brian P.

Is anyone else having an issue where you complete the Opt In and it initially says you’ve been upgraded to Mlife Gold and the Mlife accounts shows Gold while you’re still logged in, but then later when you log back in it only shows Sapphire? I’m Globalist (earned) and my match to Gold worked fine but for my wife who is Explorist due to the match from Mlife last year, her account won’t stay Gold. It almost seems as if the system knows that her Explorist status was due to a match from Mlife already and won’t let her now match Explorist back to Mlife Gold. Anyone having this same problem or have any thoughts on how to get around this?


well just know that the abuse has been lasting for a very long time already like citi AA. meaning MGM could easily implement a filter. its not that hard and I expect that to happpen. no different than amex RAT. way overdue. however, for this instance, everyone else has been successful. meaning just keep trying. but dont be surprised when the party is over.


huh, interesting how/why some folks got matched to mlife platinum with explorist status…

Rob P

Thank you!


For those of us who are really interested only in Hyatt, is the idea to rematch back to Hyatt first week of March should we be downgraded . Current explorist with Hyatt but may not requalify. Current platinum with mgm, but I am not a casino or Las Vegas guy. Seems that platinum also offers a free cruise, but even if that is true, I can’t see myself having time for that,


The cruise benefit is only for those who have 200k+ tier credits in their account. If you were matched from another program you wont have the TC’s to qualify for the cruise.


I think the Borgata in Atlantic city is the only Mlife Rewards destination that has a tier matching program honoring TR. And Borgata does not honor Platinum, only the two upper tiers of TR: Diamond and 7 Stars.


As discussed above, Borgata matches TR Platinum->Mlife Pearl.

ALSO NOTE: TR to Mlife matches work in the other direction, too, in AC (Mlife to TR at Ballys, Caesars, Harrah’s).


I relinked and my mlife account is now indicating PLATINUM. I’m Explorist Hyatt. I have no direct MGM activity and never have. Any ideas why I received Platinum??? Anyone else heard of this happening? Guess it is too much to hope that in 2019 when I relink, my hyatt status will change to globalist.


but did u only match back to gold? or plat?


Same for me, Explorist matched to Platinum.


You guys are amazing. Thank you! I was wondering how to keep this going, so greatly appreciated!

W Lee

Thanks Nick for the reminder. Interesting DP, both me and my husband accounts are automatically extended for another year of gold status till 9/30/19 when I logged in to mLife accounts without doing anything. I did relink in 2017.

Scott K

Same with me. And for some reason I am Plat


Same here, gold until September 2019


Well this will help make sure they fix it sooner rather than later.


This is far from a new thing and has been discussed since the beginning of the partnership.


But every time it gets posted publicly it gives them more incentive to fix it.


MLife gold will get you free valet parking and up to 20% off (whatever that means) the Michael Jackson Cirque show. Pretty good perks, with the best perk being matching back to Hyatt.

Somehow I had MLife Plat status last year, that was helpful matching back to Hyatt Explorist. What is confusing is that my Hyatt status shows I’m good until Feb 2020…I’m not complaining!


Just the other day my wife said she’d like to go see it some weekend. We’re close enough to drive, plus that let’s us hit the out of the way foodie spots we like. The 20% off seats aren’t available until January, we’ll see if we hit it earlier than that.


Mlife Pearl Hyatt Discoverist
Mlife Gold Hyatt Explorist


Thanks Nick!


Are there any tricks to getting M Life Gold status?

Earl Lee

Thanks Nick! I totally forgot about this. This was how I got my Explorist status last year. I really LOVE Hyatt but they don’t have a big footprint for the cities I go to so I’ll most likely never make status the traditional way. I like their partnerships and I hope they keep growing.


I didn’t realize this was a thing one could do. Will this get you just to MGM Gold or can Hilton Diamond get you to MGM Platinum?


gold only.


I think the Borgata in Atlantic city is the only Mlife Rewards destination that has a tier matching program honoring TR. And Borgata does not honor Platinum, only the two upper tiers of TR. Diamond and 7 Stars.


The Borgata matches TR Platinum to Mlife Pearl.


If you have Emerald status with Royal Caribbean it gets you MLife Gold also.


And Select status on Celebrity…which is how my husband and I both got to Hyatt Explorist, (Via MLife)


Thanks Nick!