Sam’s Club membership deals (from $37 for membership & $45 in gift cards)


There are a couple of deals going for Sam’s Club Membership, the cheapest of which would be to pay $37 for Sam’s Club membership and a total of $45 in Sam’s Club gift cards after purchases, though a separate deal directly through Sam’s Club — it’ll cost a full $45 but will come with one easy $45 gift card if you can sign up in the next couple of days.

The Deal

There are two current deals on Sam’s Club memberships that may be of interest particularly with the holiday shopping season approaching:

  • Stack Social is offering a Sam’s Club membership and a $25 eGift card and $20 eGift card for $37 with promo code SCOCT2020. Note that the $25 eGift card arrives 10 days after purchase and the $20 eGift card arrives after your first online order of $20 or more.
  • Sam’s Club is offering a club membership and a $45 Sam’s Club gift card for $45. You’ll need to visit the link below and enter your email address to receive a promo code. Then bring your promo code in to a club and join by 10/11/20 and you’ll receive a $45 Sam’s Club gift card immediately when activating your membership.

Key Terms

  • In either case, these offers are only open to new members
  • I believe in both cases you’ll be opted in to auto-renew, though I believe you can change that in your account settings after joining

Quick Thoughts

The Stack Social deal is obviously a good one given that you’ll pay just $37 out of pocket initially for the membership and get a $25 gift card in your email. Then, after you’ve spent $20 online, you should get another $20 gift card. That would essentially turn it into a money-maker if you value the gift cards at face value and if you want to order $20 worth of stuff online and if you’re able to order exactly $20 worth of stuff and if you get both gift cards without anything lost in email somehow.

But if that’s a few too many “ifs”, the deal being offered directly through Sam’s Club is also pretty good: you’ll sign up online for a promo code that you bring into a club and use to buy a $45 membership and get a $45 gift card on the spot. You could then walk out with $45 in stuff and probably feel like you got the membership for free. It’ll cost you eight bucks more, but there’s likely no room for anything to go wrong.

Keep in mind that we’ve sometimes seen an opportunity for a card-linked offer to stack with the Sam’s Club direct offer, though I’m not aware of any at the moment. If you wait on this a day or two, it’ll be worth searching your various card-linked apps to double-check whether any new offers have surfaced.

H/T: Slickdeals

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never mind

Does one have to spend the $45 the same day?