Save 30% On Spirit Saver$ Club With Capital One Spring Deal


I never thought I’d have a need to be writing about two Spirit deals in the same day, but here we are. In addition to the Spirit status match challenge, you can currently save 30% when paying for Spirit Saver$ Club courtesy of a deal on Capital One Spring.

Spirit Savers Club Discount

The Deal

  • Save 30% when paying for Spirit Saver$ Club after clicking through from Capital One Spring.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Expiry date unknown.

Quick Thoughts

In case you’re not familiar with Capital One Spring, it’s ostensibly a program for businesses that provides discounts on a number of different services. It’s a free program to join; you don’t have to have a Capital One credit card and they don’t verify that you have a business, so it’s open to pretty much everyone.

Spirit Saver$ Club normally costs $69.95, but this 30% discount reduces that cost to $48.97, so savings of $20.98. If you’re planning on signing up for this, be sure to double check the price being charged before completing the transaction. When initially clicking through it displayed the standard price of $69.95; it wasn’t until clicking through a second time that the discounted pricing of $48.97 for a 12 month membership was displayed. Also note that it’s only the 12 month membership that’s discounted – the 18 & 24 month memberships don’t get 30% taken off.

If you’re someone who flies with Spirit a lot and/or will be booking tickets for a number of people, paying for Spirit Saver$ Club could be worthwhile. That’s because the program gives discounts in a number of ways:

  • Discounted fares
  • Discounted bags
  • Discounted seats
  • Discounted Flight Flex
  • Discounted Shortcut Security
  • Discounted Shortcut Boarding

I’m not sure how substantial these discounts are, but if you’re a frequent Spirit flier then I can imagine you could easily save more than $48.97 over the next year in at least some of those areas.

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