Save up to $10 on Virtual Visas at with promo code HOLIDAYVISA, XMASVISA


Update 12/23: Now XMASVISA and HOLIDAYVISA are working as well. XMASVISA appears to be limited to one per order, but I was able to get multiple orders through. YMMV

Update 12/16: While this deal is still working, the maximum discount is now $10 instead of $20. The good news is the the VISAHOLIDAY code is now showing on the AA portal: is offering $10 off every $100 in Virtual Visa Gift cards up to a total discount of $20 with promo code HOLIDAYVISA or VISAHOLIDAY. This could make for a few bucks of easy spend and profit that may stack with various shopping portals.

The Deal

  • is offering $10 off every $100 in Virtual Visa Gift Cards up to $20 off with promo code HOLIDAYVISA or VISAHOLIDAY. Note that the AA shopping portal lists VISAHOLIDAY, so use that one if you’re going for AA Loyalty Points.
  • Direct link to this deal

Key Terms

  • Promo code HOLIDAYVISA or VISAHOLIDAY valid 12/15/22 – 12/24/22
  • Only valid on Virtual Visas

Quick Thoughts

When Stephen first reported this at GC Galore, it was reported as $10 off every $100 up to $30 off, but he updated to note that it’s taking $20 off of $200 instead. I’d therefore probably max out the denomination of the gift card purchase and buy a $250 card for $235.95 as shown in the screen shot above.

Don’t forget to go through a shopping portal. Capital One Shopping was showing 6% back in my account this morning, though some may prefer to try to earn American Airlines Loyalty points through American Airlines eShopping. Check rates at, but don’t forget to check Capital One Shopping for targeted offers.

H/T: GC Galore

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sad news everyone. disappeared from both AA and Untied shopping portal 🙁 as of this morning


Just used both codes but limited me to $10 per $100. Still not bad with AA 3x.


Can anyone confirm if Rakuten or AA portal paid out using one of the above codes other than VISAHOLIDAY (the only one they list)?


Are there any banks we should steer clear of when purchasing Visa gift cards online? Greg’s Cap1 experiences spook me a little bit, and I don’t want to get out of their good graces. Is Amex okay as long as not meeting a sign up bonus? Those are the 2 I feel the most wary about

Mark Miravich

Seems to be only a $10 discount now

Tf an

FYI For MS; Citi doesn’t appear to take these unfortunately

Last edited 1 month ago by Tf an

I bought 6 $200 gift cards, no issues, besides Amex sending me a fraud alert in the middle, as they should. Once I cleared the fraud alert, purchases went through


I’ve gotten a few $250 cards for 235.95 so far

Tom Rossi

On the AA shopping portal the code is VISAHOLIDAY rather than HOLIDAYVISA. I think they both will work and both seem to track on the portal.


HOLIDAYVISA tracked in my AA from this morning. Tracked in about 4 hours from AA