T-Mobile customers can get a free AAA membership


Over the last couple of years, T-Mobile has been adding a ton of benefits to many of its mid-high end phone plans. Some of these perks can actually offer significant value, others are fairly tepid. Last month, when the company launched its new “Magenta Status,” the bennie-book got even thicker.

T-Mobile also offers many of its customers the opportunity to get a one-year AAA Basic or Classic Membership for free. It’s worth noting that a requirement of the deal is that the membership must be set on auto-renew with a valid credit card attached, so don’t forget to unenroll after you sign up (assuming that you don’t want to autorenew).

The Deal

  • Many T-Mobile voice customers are eligible for a one-year AAA Basic or Classic membership when signing up through the promotional page.
    • In order to receive the discount, you have to register with auto-renewal on and a credit card number attached. You can unenroll after signing up.
    • Adding an associate member is $48/year.

Direct Link to Offer

How to activate one year of free AAA with T-Mobile:

  • Step 1: Go to: https://promotions.t-mobile.com/AAA
  • Step 2: Enter your T-Mobile or Sprint number and continue to log in with your ID
  • Step 3: Read the terms and conditions, enter your personal information, and submit
  • Step 4: After successful submission, click a link that will redirect you to AAA—
    then follow instructions to either apply the free year to your current AAA membership or enroll in a new membership

AAA Basic/Classic Membership Benefits

These are the benefits in Washington. I don’t know whether or not they change from state to state:

  • 4 Roadside Assistance events per year with towing up to 5 miles
  • Fuel Delivery (Charged current pump price)
  • Auto locksmith service up to $50
  • Winching/Extrication One Truck
  • Bicycle service
  • Battery boost and service
  • Flat Tire change
  • Auto Lockout service
  • Free Identity Theft Protection with ProtectMyID®

Eligible Plans

  • Go5G Next
  • Go5G
  • Go5G Plus
  • Magenta
  • Magenta MAX
  • ONE
  • ONE Plus
  • Small Business Customers w/ Up to 12 voice Lines on Go5G Business Next, Go5G Business, Business Unlimited Advanced, Magenta for Business, Magenta Amplified, Go5G Business Plus, Business Unlimited Ultimate +, Business Unlimited Ultimate.

Terms and Conditions

  • Limited time offer; subject to change.
  • Avail. for new and active AAA members and T-Mobile postpaid customers in good standing.
  • Active voice line and AAA member validation required.
  • Receive 1 year AAA Basic or Classic membership/renewal On Us when you register at Promotions.T-Mobile.com/AAA and enroll for a new AAA membership with auto-renewal and a valid credit card or provide your existing AAA member number.
  • Existing AAA members must remain a T-Mobile customer in good standing through their registered AAA membership next renewal date in order for their registered next renewal to be paid by T-Mobile.
  • Limit 1 per AAA Member household and T-Mobile account.
  • Membership automatically renews at up to $83/year after year On Us.

a logo on a road

Quick Thoughts

Even if you have roadside assistance through your insurance, as I do, this is a pretty good deal. It takes about 4-5 minutes and the whole process worked very smoothly. Participating in the deal requires enrolling in auto-renewal with a valid credit card, but I was able to go into my account and unenroll right after signing-up.

Not only does it have a fairly extensive list of roadside services, AAA also includes service for bicycles, discounts on many travel providers (hotels, cruises, car rentals, etc), passport photos, international driving permits and many other things that you might not automatically associate with it.

All-in-all, this is a pretty low-effort deal that could be great for a lot of folks.

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if you’re a new member, be sure to copy and enter the promotion code that shows up. it does NOT get applied automatically! And the page doesn’t make it clear that this happens.

I had to call AAA to reverse the charge to my card and then apply the promo as a renewal on my just created account–but there’s a delay to processing it this way

Jennifer Bucy

That sounds good if would add that to my phone


Don’t even bother with this .average wait for a tow service is about 6 to 12 hours making you freeze to death Or scorched to death . Just read all the endless complaints on their social media post about waiting as long as 15 hours . After waiting for hours they demand tip most of the time and will charge you $200 or more since their tow with this is limited to 5 miles only . I wouldn’t take this for free


Ditto, ditto. Same experience 4x in 2 years, including last week. Check BBB website– hundreds of complaints and bad reviews and an “F” rating. This data is from AAA South. They are regional, so YMMV.

But, most critically, do not rely in AAA for your teen/20s driver. This should be the exact opposite of peace of mind.


OK, for many years my experience has been only good with AAA roadside assistance. Most recently (September 2023) my battery died and I couldn’t jump it. I called AAA, they were out to my house in 30 minutes, and they confirmed that the battery was a goner. They offered to sell me a battery on the spot and install it for free. Of course, I immediately checked the battery price and there was no markup over what the same battery would cost in a local auto parts store. So I told the guy to do the replacement. Installation took less than 15 minutes, and the AAA guy was on his way. He took the dead battery with him, again no charge.

Michael Y

Anyone know if AAA codes as travel?


This is not a new offer from T-Mobil.


Thanks Tim! Had not heard this anywhere else, and it seems to have worked (I have AA and it says I’ll get a credit when it’s time to renew).