Targeted T-Mobile Home Internet offer: $250 back via Capital One Shopping (Possible stack for $450 back)


Stephen noticed a fantastic targeted offer in his Capital One Shopping account tog et $250 back when signing up for and activating T-Mobile Home Internet. That by itself is an excellent deal, but it could get even better because T-Mobile is also offer $200 back on a prepaid Mastercard for new customers after 60 days of service. I think you could stack both for a total of $450 back, which could cover many months of Home Internet service (or be a good deal even if you ultimately decide not to keep the service).


The Deal

  • Capital One Shopping is offering some customers $250 back with a new T-Mobile Home Internet account. You’ll find if you’re targeted by going to and using the filter to check for personalized offers.
  • There is a separate deal from T-Mobile to get $200 back via prepaid Mastercard as a new T-Mobile Home Internet customer when you sign up and maintain service for at least 60 days.

Quick Thoughts

This offer is targeted. I didn’t have an offer for $250 back on T-Mobile Home Internet in my Capital One Shopping account, but Stephen did. It’s worth noting that Stephen didn’t find this by using the search bar at Capital One Shopping but rather by using the “filter” on the home page to select T-Mobile Home Internet to see a “personalized” deal. I didn’t have T-Mobile Home Internet in my filters, but it’s worth checking your own as Capital One frequently targets different offers to different users.

a screenshot of a website

Keep in mind that Capital One Shopping is a shopping portal like any other — no Capital One card is required in order to sign up for and use Capital One Shopping. Rewards earned through Capital One Shopping can only be redeemed for gift cards, so you’re really getting a payout of $250 in the gift cards of your choice out of their redemption options (which include Safeway, DoorDash, StubHub, Lowe’s, eBay, and lots of other stores). That’s certainly better than the payouts I’ve seen from other portals (and it handily beats the 7,400 American Airlines miles I got when I signed up a new account several months ago).

But making this a better deal yet is the fact that you can probably stack it with an offer from T-Mobile. On the landing page for T-Mobile Home Internet, T-Mobile is advertising $200 back via prepaid Mastercard when you sign up for T-Mobile Home Internet and keep the service for at least 60 days (allow up to 10 weeks for fulfillment).

I expect that stack would work. I actually haven’t seen the gift card I was due from a previous deal, but a couple of readers reported success in getting it on top of American Airlines miles when clicking through the AAdvantage eShopping portal, so I would expect this stack to work. You should end up with both the $250 from Capital One Shopping (redeemable for merchant gift cards) and the $200 prepaid Mastercard from T-Mobile. That’s a terrific deal considering the cheap monthly cost of T-Mobile Home Internet. Even if you ultimately decided after a few months that you didn’t want to keep it, you should end up well ahead of the game.

For anyone wondering about the quality of T-Mobile Home Internet, I’d say that it is going to be highly variable depending on where you are. I have been using T-Mobile Home Internet since they beta launched it and my experience has been somewhat mixed: it worked far better than my other options (since I live in rural America) for a long time, but then I hit a rough patch where service was constantly dropping. They were slow to fix the problem, but then it worked well again for a long time until my old 4G LTE box ran out of gas. Since I replaced it with a 5G LTE device, I’ve been very happy with the results overall. Again, I do occasionally run into hiccups, but most of the Frequent Miler on the Air podcasts you hear and many of the Coffee Break and Ask Us Anything episodes we produce are done from T-Mobile  Home Internet on my side. We regularly stream from Disney, Netflix, etc without issue. However, uploading large files is quite slow. I did a speed test the other night and we were getting around 300Mbps down, but only 15.4Mbps up. That download speed has vastly improved over the last couple of years.

But all of that is really only relevant if you live in my sparsely populated area in upstate NY where not many people have T-Mobile. I wouldn’t be surprised if the experience is significantly different somewhere else. If you’re actually interested in the service, this deal gives you a pretty inexpensive way to try it out and actually give them a few months so that you’re not measuring on a small sample size. Even if you’re pretty sure that you don’t want to keep it, it’s probably worth giving them an opportunity to change your mind at $450 back if you’re targeted.

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I only got 150$ offer. It seems im always targeted for the offers you guys highlight but always at a lower amount.


I just switched to T-Mobile. At first I was in love with it, but tonight the service is spotty and I am exasperated. I am in DC.


I converted our home internet from Comcast to T-Mobile last August. I did everything thru Costco. The terms then stated home internet was only available to cel subscribers. I converted our Verizon phones to T-Mo. For that we received 2 new smartphones, 2 new smart watches, the home unit, and over $1400 of rebates and gift cards. Our monthly bill is $151 which was $282 using Verizon and Comcast. Verizon does not have 5G in Central IL, but T-Mo does. The T-Mo tower is about 1000 ft from my home. So the service for me is pretty decent. Not as fast as cable, but we can stream and use multiple wi-fi devices. As a bonus, T-Mo is great service overseas.

If you belong to Costco, it may pay to check pricing there first.


It took a while to Download this promo, so I can imagine how the T-Mobile internet works.


I got the $250 offer in an email (buried underneath a puny 1% headline offer). I would probably go for it just for the bonus even though I already have fiber at home, but my house is not in the service area (I get 1 bar of 5G, if lucky). However, I would like to say that C1 Shopping is a heavy lift to deal with. I recently did the $200 back offer from Consumer Cellular (combined with two $20 off Chase offers), and I had to email them to credit the correct amount. It is not out of the ordinary for purchases to track incorrectly or not at all, and I keep a manual record and a library of screenshots to handle all the missing offers. They get a lot of emails from me, and I’m waiting for the day when they no longer follow through. However, for the past several weeks in a row they have been sending me $25 or $35 back on $50 purchase from Macy’s, which I use by generating $50 work of Macy’s gift cards from C1 Shopping. So, I’m in for now…


I have not received my gift card from them, but I did get the points. When I called and they said I am not eligible for gift cards and only offered the $30 credit so it seems either or


I got both the aa miles and the gift card

Adegoke Ademiluyi

I have learned not to rely on Capital One Shopping; they frequently fail to honor offers, and there is no customer support available if promises are not fulfilled.


They have always manually corrected mine when contacted via email, but they are notoriously unreliable when it comes to actually tracking purchases (particularly via browser).


I got $120 on C1Shopping.