T-Mobile Magenta/Max customers now get free in-flight wifi on United Airlines


Back in June, Nick covered T-Mobile’s announcement of their extensive additions to international and in-flight wifi coverage for both Magenta and Magenta Max customers (called “Coveage Beyond”). Free wifi on Alaska, Delta and American Airlines flights went live immediately with the promise that coverage on United Airlines flights would be added “soon.” Over the weekend, T-Mobile announced that free streaming-speed wifi was now live on many United Airlines flights as well.

Image courtesy of T-Mobile

The Deal

  • T-Mobile has announced the following benefits starting on 9/23/22:
    • For Magenta Max:
      • Free full-flight Wi-Fi including streaming speeds when available on United Airlines flights (in addition to Alaska, American and Delta flights)
    • For Magenta, many business plans, and equivalent Sprint plans:
      • Free full-flight Wi-Fi on 4 flights of your choice (and then 1 hour on other flights) on United Airlines flights (in addition to Alaska, American and Delta flights)

Quick Thoughts

T-Mobile has become a worthwhile phone service provider for frequent travelers to take a look at. In addition tothe in-flight wifi benefits that were expanded to United today, they also offer 5MB of free high-speed data per month in eleven European countries for Magenta customers and in 210 countries for Magenta Max customers. Both my wife and I have it and love the internatonal data speed (although the domestic coverage could use some work, in my humble opinion).

United works with multiple in-flight wifi providers and the T-Mobile benefit currently only applies to those flights where coverage is provided by Viasat and Thalys. This includes service on United’s 737s, MAX8s, MAX9s, select 757-300s and select A319s, with coverage expanding to other providers/flights “soon,” according to T-Mobile.

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It takes a minute to load on unitedwifi.com. I have an older Simple Choice plan and still got it for free.


I’ve never gotten my free wifi to work on Delta. The link is long gone.

Reno Joe

Works for me every single time. Set your browser to allow third-party cookies.

Connect to wi-fi network. Then use browser to visit http://www.wifionboard.com. Delta’s web page comes up. Enter phone number where indicated.


T mobile u can get this for 1 month then change back Correct ?


I have the (Small) Business Unlimited Ultimate plan and I was able to successfully connect to the internet using the T-Mobile option on United’s Wi-Fi for free. I streamed a YouTube video with only a little caching at the start.


Typo in the post, not much you can do with only 5MB of high speed data.


I have a 55+ discounted senior plan on T-Mobile and got free wi-fi on an Alaska Airlines flight on my phone. It didn’t come up as an option on my tablet (wi-fi only) or my laptop.

Reno Joe

Tether your other devices. Not the most convenient but it’s a work-around.