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a group of credit cards on a table

A student credit card plan: 825,000 points by graduation

I've previously written a few posts with recommendations for teenagers and students who are interested in getting into the credit cards rewards game: Building...
a close up of a credit card

Chase Business Ink as a student starter card

A few days ago, I was surprised to find my son's new Chase Ink Business Unlimited card in our mailbox eight days after he...
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My teen’s first credit card, and his next steps towards rewards

My son just turned 18 and was ready to sign up for his first credit card. He was instantly approved for the Discover It for Students card. This post discusses how he'll maximize rewards with the Discover card, and other ways he'll earn points, miles, and cash back going forward.
a man and woman in the woods

Planning a teen’s first credit card

Holy cow.  My son will turn 18 in November!  I can't believe it.  But, rather than denying it... I'm starting to plan... for his...
a screenshot of a computer

Building (and viewing) teenage credit

FM author Nick and I are approaching near-opposite ends of the greatest journey on earth: parenthood.  Nick announced last weekend that his first child...

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