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A mileage run…on Southwest?

I am not a mileage runner. Most of my travel is award travel, and most often in business class, so the idea of paying...
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My married million miler mileage run

My wife and I are planning to earn million miler status with Delta, the day after our anniversary, on the same Airbus A350 flight. Why? Because we can... and it's fun. Here's how we plan to do it...
Travel Companion Tickets

Visa Infinite: a path to elite status for couples?

Until recently, the only Visa Infinite card available in the US (to my knowledge) was the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite card (which currently has...
American Airlines mileage run

My final AA mileage run involved actual running. Here’s the story.

In the recent post, “How I screwed up my end of year AA mileage run,” I told the story of what I thought would...
AA mileage run

How I screwed up my end of year AA mileage run

Flight deals, especially the really great ones, rarely last long.  Once a great deal is publicized, it’s a race against the clock to find...
end of year miles

Surviving end of year miles, nights, and savings

End of year projects, holiday shopping, in-laws…  Many things contribute to end of year stress, but frequent travelers have additional headaches.  December travel marks...
mileage running

My crazy route to Vegas. Am I done with mileage running?

The majority of this post was written while flying the final leg of my latest mileage run.  Last year, I decided to seek top...
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The last great mileage run

Mileage running is a dead sport.  People used to purchase flights and fly the longest, cheapest routes they could find just to earn miles...

Year-end mileage running, from home

With only two months and a week left in the calendar year, many of us are examining our progress towards airline elite status.  Are...

Pursuing Platinum Day 2

It's time to choose Yesterday I asked readers to help me construct a mileage run so that I could secure Delta Platinum status this year. ...

Pursuing Platinum

Good at constructing mileage runs? Please help! I've obtained Delta Gold Elite status each of the past several years and I've enjoyed the perks:...

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