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a device with a screen on it

Can airport health screening save air travel?

I love to travel.  Friends sometimes ask me "don't you get tired of it?"  Nope.  Most of the usual headaches associated with air travel...
a close up of credit cards

On my mind: Is now a good time to apply for credit cards? Really?

I've written a fair bit recently about applying for rewards credit cards.  The general idea has been that while this is a bad time...
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On my mind: Coronavirus, points and miles

Last weekend, I presented at the Travel & Adventure Show in Washington DC and Nick presented at FTU (Frequent Traveler University).  Going into the...
a car parked in front of a house

On my mind (Choice Privileges edition)

Choice Privileges is a an oddball rewards program. You can't book award stays more than 100 days in advance.  And the point prices change...
a man with a beard and a beard with a beard and a beard with a beard and a beard

On my mind (Venture only? edition)

If for some reason you could only have one credit card, Capital One's Venture card would be a solid choice.  But is it the...
a close up of a credit card

On my mind (wife’s wallet edition)

You know I like to maximize rewards.  I routinely use the most rewarding card for each situation.  Restaurant?  Citi Prestige 5X.  Phone, Internet, TV? ...
a man with his mouth open and his mouth open

On my mind (#Bonvoyed! edition)

A few nights ago I overheard an elderly woman at a restaurant talking about Marriott: "Now they call it 'Bonvoy'. I hate that name." ...
a sunset over the ocean

On my mind (Marriott spend bonus edition)

In 2018 I made a very deliberate effort to reach near-top-tier Marriott elite status.  At the time, the status level was called Platinum Premier...
a restaurant with tables and chairs on a patio overlooking a mountain

On my mind (Hyatt & Small Luxury Hotels of the World edition)

Look at that view from Château Eza!  Wow.  I really want to go there.  I don't really know anything about the hotel or Èze...
a large brick building with many windows

On my mind (Ritz-Carlton addition edition)

At the start of the week I had no intention of writing about Marriott all day, everyday, but things happen.  On Monday, I published...
a close up of a credit card

On my mind (Goodbye Sapphire Reserve?)

I'm struggling with the question of whether or not to say goodbye to my Sapphire Reserve card.  Now that my Citi Prestige card offers...

On my mind, unplugged (Business Platinum Edition)[Expired offer]

Update January 2022: The offers described in this post have since expired. See updated Business Platinum card information on this page. I’m writing this while flying...

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