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Tag: Platinum Card from American Express

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(EXPIRED) Get Hulu for $0.99 per month for 12 months; stack to make a...

Every Thanksgiving week for the past several years, Hulu has run a promotion giving a subscription costing only $0.99 per month. That's back this...
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Maximizing credit card rebates & credits (coupon book tips)

What can you do with your credit card's airline incidental fee credits if you just want to buy airfare? What can you do with...
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(Expired) Amex Morgan Stanley Platinum Card: Increased 125k Welcome Offer

We've seen some incredible Platinum card offers over the past couple of years, but it isn't often that we've seen the offer on either...
a credit card with a chip and a chip on top of money

How to convert Amex Membership Rewards to cash with the Schwab Platinum card

The Platinum Card from American Express for Schwab has a unique super power that's often mentioned in passing by the FM Team: it makes...
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Amex adds once in a lifetime family language to Gold Card

American Express has long had a rule that only allows customers to get a credit card welcome offer “once in a lifetime,” which in...
a man holding up a credit card

Plans for expanding my credit card collection

Even though it seems like I have all of the best rewards card on the market, every now and then great offers appear for...
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Amex kills upgrading with points, the perfect gift for the jilted Delta lover and...

Amex will no longer let you upgrade with points, luggage tags for jilted Delta flyers and is it the right time to travel to...
Amex Platinum Digital Entertainment Credit eligible subscriptions streaming services

Awesome combos for the Amex Platinum Digital Entertainment Credit

$20 can go a long way. Back in July 2021, Amex revamped the benefits on the consumer Amex Platinum card, increasing the annual fee in...
a group of credit cards in a room

Delta announces big Sky Club access changes for 2024 and beyond

In an effort to curb overcrowding, Delta has announced big changes to how Sky Clubs will be accessed by credit cardholders.  Flying Basic Economy? ...
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Amex Platinum Cardholders: Disney Bundle increases to $24.99/mo in October

The American Express Platinum card comes with a $20/month "digital entertainment" credit that can be used for Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, the Disney Bundle, The...
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Amex Platinum Card: 150k referral offer is back again (and we need your links!)

The 150,000 points referral offer for the American Express Platinum card is back again.  This targeted offer gives 150,000 Membership Rewards points on $8,000...
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Amex Platinum cardholders can get Hertz President’s Circle status

Update: Since we originally published this at the end of last year, the enrollment link has been frustrating, working on and off or blanking...
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American Express makes negative changes to Platinum consumer cards (Update: worse than expected)

Update: The consumer Platinum "family rule" terms are now appearing on the Schwab Platinum card, meaning that you are no longer eligible for a...
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Ultra-Premium Credit Card Travel Protections

The recently refreshed Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite MasterCard includes travel protections.  This was a surprise since Citi had dumped travel protections from their...

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