Reminder: Match Wyndham Status Back To Caesars Rewards


If you hopped on the status-match-go-round pre-COVID and continued it ever since, it’s time to match your Wyndham status back to Caesars Rewards.

That’s because if you previously had Diamond status with Caesars, on February 1 it dropped down to Gold.

Caesars Rewards Gold Status

Provided you’d matched your previous Caesars Rewards Diamond status to corresponding Diamond status with Wyndham, you can now match back again.

The process is simple and straightforward. Log in to your Caesars account, go to this page and select Wyndham Rewards.

Caesars Rewards Wyndham Rewards Status Match - 1

Enter your Wyndham Rewards account number on the next page, click ‘Request Status Match’ and voila – you’re all done.

Caesars Rewards Wyndham Rewards Status Match 3 - matched

As noted in the screenshot above, it can take up to seven business days for your Caesars Rewards status to be bumped back up to Diamond, so it’s worth submitting the status match now rather than waiting until just before a trip to Vegas.

Wyndham sadly stopped offering status matches from other hotel programs early on in the pandemic and that opportunity still hasn’t returned. This partnership with Caesars Rewards is separate to that kind of status match though.

If you missed out on the opportunity to match to Wyndham Rewards Diamond status from other hotel programs a couple of years ago, there’s still a way to get Diamond status without staying the requisite 24 nights via stays. The Wyndham Rewards Earner Business card comes with Diamond status which can enable you to start matching back and forth with Caesars Rewards. Caesars Rewards members with Diamond status have resort fees waived, get a $100 Celebration Dinner and more, so having that status can save you a lot of money when visiting Las Vegas. You can find the full list of Caesars Diamond benefits here.

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Ben Kingsley

Mine was upgraded today the 24th. I had applied in February 25th. Took just one day short of a month. I had earned my Wyndham through stays. Here is what they said when I inquired:

“You must have earned Tier Status with your current loyalty program in order for your status to be matched. Caesars Rewards will not grant status to WR members who came into the WR program from a tier match promotion with other programs or who previously had recent Caesars Rewards status that was about to expire, and vice versa.”

They appear to be more strict as people took advantage of their matching. Also, they don’t appear to be in good financial condition as it was in the news that their property in Vegas is up for sale.

I hope this information is helpful and good luck with yours…


I submitted for status match for me, my husband and my bestfriend account on 2/02 and its now 3/18 and all our status still say Gold. Anyone have any luck?

Ben Kingsley

I did on the 25th of February with no change in the status as of now.


I was just downgraded as well. I have a trip in 2 weeks…a replacement trip for my partner’s milestone birthday. I am really disappointed – I have so many plans and was counting on the free parking, no resort fees, and the celebration dinners. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them. I can understand discontinuing this in the future, but to pull this immediately after so many people have made plans is unfair.


Heads Up! Just got email (3PM) DOWNGRADING my account off of DIAMOND because I did not EARN Tier status in Wyndham last year.


Same here…..idiots…have not been able to travel for 2 years…how was i suppose to earn?


Are there anymore updates? I status matched 2/1 and I’m still gold. Call to Wyndham was of no help. Supervisor said nothing they can do!

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scott odegaard

i have tried matching my wyndham diamond to caesars again and has not worked. i heard there changing some thing’s. have you heard anything


I got my Match to Diamond fairly quickly. Called them to check to see if my Celebration Dinner was on my account. I was told no because I had to earn tier credits in order to qualify.

Can anyone confirm the true story with the $100 dinner for matched Diamond status? I see conflicting posts on the topic. And, I’ve looked at every Caesar’s Rewards web page, T&C, Rules, etc. that I can find, and I see nothing that states a requirement for tier credits to each the dinner.


Submitted my husband and my match on Feb 1st. We both just got matched to Diamond today.


Same here. FINALLY!

Ben Kingsley

Almost a month?! Wow


Are u still waiting Ben?

Ben Kingsley

Yep, I am still waiting. I requested the status match on the 25th of February. How about you?


looks like we wont be upgraded thru wyndham is we got diamond in wyndham from a status match from another hotel… they are now reversing people they upgraded to diamond back to gold if thats the path they took…


Hi Shelly. Did u earn your Wyndham Diamond status or match from another program. Looks like they have changed requirements. I applied 2/1 and am still gold


I status matched to Wyndham a few years ago and have been matching back and forth ever since. I saw on another post that they said the match would take up to 30 days rather than 7 (which was true for me). I don’t think the requirements to match have changed (I do know that they have made some changes to benefits and are requiring gambling to get the $100 dining credit now, because we just went to Vegas and were told that by the players club). I would resubmit your match, maybe they missed it the first time somehow???


anyone able to physically do the status match request by walking into any caesars property? seems like nobody is answering the lines when you call….


I was in Bally’s LV on 2/12 and was told that Wyndham is responsible for the match and it can take 30 days. It really sucked that I had to pay the Resort fees when I was there because it never matched.


That stinks Don! Had you made your reservation while Diamond ? And since you dropped to gold they are asking for the resort fees?


Yes, I had Reservation as earned Diamond. Dropped back to Platinum on 2/1 while awaiting Wyndham match.


Yes, just did yesterday at Bally’s LV. Was told tier match only for new customers but showed her my Wyndham status and was eventually given diamond. 

A. G.

This program is apparently in flux. I’ve put a match request three times now with nothing since Feb. 1. The only response I received was to call the local Harrahs which led to nowhere. It seems Caesars may have decided to simply say adios to its loyal folks and have us move our business to Mlife which has changed THEIR program to be much MORE accommodating. My upcoming trip to Vegas will be down the road toward Tropicana Ave.


I requested on 2/4. Still gold as of 2/18.


Still gold as of 2/22. I think the deal is somewhat broken when Caesars stops timeshare agreeement with Wyndham earlier this month.


Still gold as of 3/8. Emailed Caesars and Wyndham but no luck yet.


Has anyone tried to use the $100 dining credit after matching back up to Diamond from Gold this month?


I did a statusmatch for my two friends on the 2nd of February. Still nothing. I did my own match on Wednesday the 10th of february and i am diamond.
Maybe because whenn we book a hotel, we use my account for the reservations?


I got an email two days ago telling me to activate my caesars rewards account. i guess they made a new account for me instead of upgrading old one? first that’s happened.

Anyone know an actual number that works to call and talk to someone or is this email only? and what’s the best email?


all 3 times i contacted a hotel (Cherokee, Cherokee Valley, Caesars Vegas) they said they can’t even connect us to the rewards desk at the hotel.

so caesars rewards say we have to call local casino and local casino says they can’t let us speak to their rewards desk.

incredibly broken system.

I’ll just keep submitting the request every week

Teresa Henning

Exactly same response


Applied for status match Feb 4, still no match. I have been gambling too. Would really like this match because I’m trying to spend week in Vegas in March to get out of the cold. Won’t go if I have to pay resort fees.


Same here. Did it on Feb 2, again on Feb 8.


Same, applied Feb 2, Feb 8, and again last night. Maybe I’ll just leave it and hope it gets approved at some point.


Applied for the Caesar’s Platinum status match to Wyndham Diamond 02 Feb pm – still Caesar’s Gold as of 15 Feb.

I’m thinking they’ll have a bunch of extra work starting today for folks that have not received their match yet from earlier in the month but are re-submitting the request online for processing before the end of February.


Just talked to Caesars and the agent kept saying “even though you are matching to Wyndham Diamond, we cannot guarantee you will become Caesars Diamond.” I kept asking her what does this mean since many others are getting matched without any spend at Caesars and she had no answer. Hopefully this is not real. Going to call again tomorrow.


how did you get to speak to someone?


I called 702-731-7110, was told to ask for front desk and then Caesars Rewards, very odd. Wasn’t much help though because no answer or resolution was provided other than I may not get Diamond without any reasoning.


Lol figures. Thanks for your response, tho!


I status matched from Wyndham to Caesars on Feb 2 and still have not been matched to diamond (today is 2/10). Any suggestions?


Same here…i will wait 2 more days then i will sent them an email telling that it has been more then 7 workdays. I will include my Wyhndam and Caesers numbers. And then i wait…


Same here (requested 2/1 and still no switch to Diamond as of 2/10 at 2pm eastern) also I emailed and they were of no help, said it can take 7 days and there is nothing they can do to expedite things in their email response…. MLife status match to Hyatt take 7 seconds. Then when you call Caesars Rewards, they never answer the phone, service has been very poor. Wyndham to Caesars status match used to take a day in the past………..

Last edited 6 months ago by Lou

I status matched in January and received Diamond but I recently checked my account and was downgraded to platinum. Has this happened to anyone? I still have Wyndham Dimond due to my Business Earner credit card.


Thank you! I will rematch again.


Still nothing after 7 business days, I guess I will resubmit. Nothing on wife’s account too which is separate and same time frame.

Carl WV

I put in the match request on 2/1 and showed as Caesar Diamond today,

Vincent Hartawan

I did the same also and I’m still showing gold


It’s been 7 days and I am still Gold despite matching to Wyndham Diamond. Anyone have success yet?


ok 5 business days I guess so hopefully it still works


Yup, still waiting. Submitted request 2/1 and now 7 days in and 5 biz days elapsed depending on how you count it. Last time after 2 weeks had to send an email. The process seems manual to me.


still no chg in status since 2/1; in case i may need it, which email did u send? TIA

Last edited 6 months ago by dan

No special email. I just logged on to the site and there is some kind of contact us web page that you can navigate to. I sent a message thru that last year but the turnaround was a lackluster 3 to 4 days tho if I remember correctly.


Oh ps. I just logged on 0730 PST 2/9 and I’m Diamond now. Match was submitted 2/1 around 3pm PST. Hope that data point helps.


nice, matched mine & 3 other HH members in a.m. on 2/1, but none has changed


nothing yet as of 12 noon EST 2/9. submitted about 3PM EST on 2/1


I submitted request on 2/1 for mine and my husband accounts. Both accounts showed Diamond yesterday, 02/08.


I wonder why it can take up to 7 business days? I wonder if there’s a person involved or if it’s automatic.


I am Hyatt Globalist and there have MGM Gold. Can I match this to Caesars Diamond?


Looks like the MGM match to Caesars is only available to new Caesars Rewards members.


if i’ve never had the Wyndham Bus CC, is it possible to apply and get one to get match for Caesars Diamond?
also, it it possible to get MGM Gold matching any other cc?


If you have Caesars Diamond, MGM will status match to Gold.


Oof, didn’t keep track of my Wyndham status and it’s no longer diamond. Oh well, matched my Mlife status back to my Hyatt for gold and now that Mlife has no resort fees for gold I have no need for Caesars.


Thanks for the reminder! Just requested matches for my wife and I.


is there no more free shows monthly with Casars Diamond/

Roger That

It appears not. They’re getting pretty miserly, aren’t they?!


That’s disappointing. The free shows I went to in the past weren’t that great, but the price was right.


Matched mine back yesterday. May try to get over to MGM Springfield this weekend and match Caesars Diamond to MGM Gold. It looks like this is the only MGM property doing this right now.


Is everyone’s Caesars status not extended to January 31, 2023? Mine was


My status was bumped back down to gold.

Last edited 6 months ago by Barry

Weird. I received an email from Caesars Rewards on Jan 14th saying:

We understand that the pandemic significantly impacted your plans to visit Caesars Windsor or other Caesars Rewards destinations in 2021. Because of this, we are pleased to announce that we will be adjusting your account as follows:

  • Tier Status: Your Tier Status that was extended last year has been further extended to January 31, 2023.
  • With this Tier Status extension, you will continue to enjoy benefits like no resort fees on any hotel stay, priority service lines, and complimentary valet & self-parking at many destinations. In order to take advantage of your Celebration Dinner and other benefits, you will need to earn the Tier Credits specified for those benefits during 2022. Visit the Caesars Rewards Center for more information.


We hope to see you soon at a Caesars Rewards destination! In the meantime, keep well and be safe!


That celebration dinner requirement doesn’t look good…


Yeah. I wonder if that is because my status was extended? For you guys that didn’t have it extended, and will match to Wyndham, I assume you’ll be good?


Mine has been extended (until this year) for the past 2 years due to covid. As a side note, I was even able to use two celebration dinners at the same time at the beginning of the year since those were extended as well.

Carl WV

I’d try the status match anyway. Nothing to lose and maybe it would kick the dinner in. Mine went back to gold. Do you do much gaming there?


The Wyndham status match is not available if you’re already Caesar’s Diamond. I tried to re-match mine last week prior to its expiration, but the website just tells you that you’re already diamond and can’t match any higher.

Last edited 6 months ago by Pete

I tried that, but it doesn’t let you rematch if you are already Diamond..

No not really. Maybe once a year.

Last edited 6 months ago by Evan

Mine changed to gold as well.