How to Match Wyndham Status To Caesars Rewards (reminder to match again)


If you’re a Wyndham Diamond member by virtue of being a Wyndham Business Earner cardholder, it’s time to match your Wyndham status back to Caesars Rewards. That’s because, if you previously had Diamond status with Caesars, on February 1 it dropped down to Gold.

Caesars Diamond Status can be quite valuable. Caesars Rewards members with Diamond status have resort fees waived, get a $100 Celebration Dinner and more, so having that status can save you a lot of money when visiting Las Vegas. You can find the full list of Caesars Diamond benefits here.

Note that it’s no longer possible to match back to Caesars Diamond if you received your Wyndham Diamond status via the now-departed status match merry-go-round. You can only match if your status comes from organic stays or from being a credit cardholder.Caesars Rewards Gold Status

How to Match Wyndham Diamond to Caesar’s Diamond

The process is simple and straightforward. Log in to your Caesars account, go to this page and select Wyndham Rewards.

Caesars Rewards Wyndham Rewards Status Match - 1

Enter your Wyndham Rewards account number on the next page, click ‘Request Status Match’ and voila – you’re all done.

Caesars Rewards Wyndham Rewards Status Match 3 - matched

As noted in the screenshot above, it can take up to seven business days for your Caesars Rewards status to be bumped back up to Diamond, so it’s worth submitting the status match now rather than waiting until just before a trip to Vegas.

Quick Thoughts

Wyndham sadly stopped offering status matches from other hotel programs early on in the pandemic and that opportunity still hasn’t returned. This partnership with Caesars Rewards is separate to that kind of status match though.

If you missed out on the opportunity to match to Wyndham Rewards Diamond status from other hotel programs a couple of years ago, there’s still a way to get Diamond status without staying the requisite 24 nights via stays. The Wyndham Rewards Earner Business card comes with Diamond status which can enable you to match with Caesars Rewards.

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