(Targeted) Capital One Shopping: Earn 15% cashback on Choice Hotels stays & more


Capital One Shopping seems to be on a new promotion kick. In addition to reinstating their referral program (for some users anyway), they’ve also been boosting cashback rates for certain retailers.

A particularly eye-catching offer I received yesterday is awarding 15% cashback on bookings with Choice Hotels, but it’s worth checking your emails, the app and the portal’s desktop landing page to see if you’re being targeted for boosted rates for other retailers.

Capital One Shopping Choice Hotels 15%

The Deal

  • Earn 15% cashback on Choice Hotels stays via Capital One Shopping.

Key Terms

  • To make a qualifying purchase, you must click an offer button, and then complete a purchase at the selected merchant’s site, in the browser opened by your device, within 24 hours.
  • Offer is not valid by any other method, including purchasing via a merchant’s mobile app.
  • In addition, you may not earn more than $250.00 worth of Shopping Rewards in any single transaction.

Quick Thoughts

This offer was sent to me via email yesterday, so there’s no direct link to the deal as it’s targeted on my account. I think I did visit the Choice Hotels website in recent days, so it may well be that that’s what triggered the offer. If you ever have any purchases you need to make that aren’t urgent, it’s always worth browsing the retailer’s site and even doing a dummy booking as that can sometimes help with getting these boosted cashback rates from Capital One Shopping. If you do a dummy booking, be sure to always empty your cart at the end of the session as that can potentially affect tracking in the future.

In addition to 15% cashback at Choice, I received a separate email from Capital One Shopping giving 15% cashback at Goldbelly. That’s probably because I bought a $10 gift card from there a few days ago to use up the dining benefit on my wife’s Amex Gold card.

These increased cashback offers don’t only come via email though. If you go to the Capital One Shopping website on desktop, click on ‘Filters’ in the (somewhat) top right corner and search the ‘Merchants’ section for the retailer you’re interested in as you might find increased cashback rates there too. For example, when using the regular search bar on desktop it shows Columbia Sportswear at 7.5%, but filtering for Columbia on the home page displays targeted offers for both 18% cashback and 22.5% cashback. That will stack nicely with a new Columbia Amex Offer giving 10% back on up to $300 spend. FWIW, I only saw 18% rates yesterday, but I clicked through from one of the three entries (each entry displayed a different product) and bought some items that weren’t specifically highlighted. That was less than 12 hours before I wrote this post and the specific product link I clicked through but didn’t buy now shows that even higher 22.5% cashback rate. There’s no guarantee that technique will always work, but it could be worth a shot.

It’s also worth checking the Capital One Shopping app as the rates on there are usually different to the rates offered on the desktop site. I tend to find the rates on desktop are usually better on mobile when using the filter functionality, but the regular rates are often better on mobile.

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