United Gateway cardholders: Pick your spending bonus (Targeted?)


There are new spending offers out for United Gateway cardholders which are different to the quarterly offers available through Chase.com/mybonus. It’s giving cardholders the opportunity to choose which spending threshold and bonus they’d like to earn and should stack with other spending offers if you’re also targeted for those.

United card spending offer

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Promotion Period: April 1, 2024–June 30, 2024.
  • Registration Period: April 1, 2024–June 15, 2024.
  • Must register to qualify.
  • To register for this promotional offer, you must log on to united.com/BonusMilesYourWay and register your United Gateway Card ending in the last four digits referenced in this communication by June 15, 2024, 11:59 p.m. CT, and set your own personal bonus mile offer and corresponding spend goal.
  • After registration, you will qualify for and receive the selected bonus reward if you make net purchases with your eligible, registered United Gateway Card that total an amount at or above the specified target amount during the promotional period.
  • Only the primary Cardmember is eligible to earn bonus miles for net purchases.
  • Register before June 15, 2024, and all net purchases made on your qualifying card within the promotional period will count toward your total spend goal.
  • Only net purchases posted to your account with a transaction date during the offer period are eligible for this promotional offer.
  • The bonus miles can only be earned once during the period, and you will only earn the bonus selected at the time of registration for achieving the bonus spend goal you set for yourself. A bonus for hitting a goal other than the registered offer will not be awarded. Goal and bonus offer are final upon registration.
  • Please allow 6–8 weeks after the promotion ends on June 30, 2024, for bonus miles to post to your MileagePlus account.

Quick Thoughts

It seems like this offer is only available for Gateway cardholders – United’s no annual fee credit card. However, there might be different landing pages available for the different United card types. I initially came across this offer via a banner in the MileagePlus X (MPX) app yesterday, but subsequently also got an email after I’d actually registered.

It’s an interesting concept for a spending offer and isn’t like any that I remember seeing before from Chase and United. The registration page gave me three bonus options and I had to choose one to register for. The three options I saw were as follows (your version might be different):

  1. Earn 700 bonus miles when spending $500
  2. Earn 3,300 bonus miles when spending $1,500
  3. Earn 7,500 bonus miles when spending $2,500

Those are returns of a bonus 1.4x, 2.2x or 3x respectively if spending to the exact thresholds. I was targeted for a separate promotion a couple of months ago awarding bonus miles when spending $500 each month from February to April. I spent $500 on my United Gateway card in both February and March, so I was already planning to spend $500 in April to fulfill the requirements from that previous offer.

If I was to choose that first option, it would be an easy 700 bonus miles. However, my Gateway card is often targeted for the quarterly spending promotions Chase offers on its cobranded cards at Chase.com/mybonus. I tried registering for a new Q2 bonus yesterday but nothing showed up. However, it can sometimes take a few days into the new quarter before those bonuses become available for registration, so I’m hoping I’ll be targeted for some kind of additional 5x promo in the next few days.

Those quarterly spending offers are normally valid on $1,000-$1500 of spend. If I do end up getting lucky with being targeted, maxing out that offer would mean I’d hit the $1,500 total spend needed for the second option, while putting me most of the way to the spending threshold of $2,500 for the highest bonus.

Seeing as you can only choose one option, I decided to select option 3 – spend $2,500 and earn 7,500 bonus miles. Even if I don’t get targeted for any further spending bonuses, this offer makes my Gateway card an effective 4x everywhere card on that $2,500 of spend (1x as standard and then 3x from the spending offer).

If you find yourself in a similar position, it could be worth setting a calendar reminder for June to complete the spending required by the end of that month.

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I got an email for this on my MileagePlus Awards card (old $60 annual fee card). The choices are:
3,600 miles for $3,000 spend
13,500 miles for $7,500
28,800 miles for $12,000
180 PQP for $3,000
675 PQP for $7,500
1,440 PQP for $12,000


I got the same on my UA biz card.


Besides the United offer, on 2 cards I have maybe the worst offer yet: $25 off $99 spend on MAX (HBO).

Daniel A

DP: not targeted. Note: I was targeted for the two Q1 promotions


It’s worth noting that you can use chase.com/mybonus for all of your Chase credit cards (maybe debit cards, too) to see if they qualify for any bonus. This quarter, nearly all of my cards have a Max offer of spend $99+, get $25.


Data points:

Gateway Card: 3 offers of similar ratios as above but with higher miles/spend. Picked 27000 Miles for $9k in spend.

Thanks for the heads up! Have a new everyday card between now and June 30th.


Not targeted for any offer


I have the Gateway card and selected the middle one. It’s unlikely I’ll even hit that as I don’t spend on this card since I have a pile of United miles already.


Received this msg:

Offer has ended

We’re sorry, this promotion has ended.

Any ideas why/what this might mean?



I have Quest Card, got targeted for 40,000 points for $20k spend or 2000 pqp for $20k spend. A couple smaller options as well.

Last edited 10 days ago by MikePS

Four Explorer cards in family. One targeted.


mine was $4000 for 12000 miles. Just in time for tax payment.


According to the terms, it looks like so long as you register by June 15, the bonus is calculated on the spending for the entire period. So one can wait till the last day and then select the appropriate spending amount offer I suppose just to be safe.


does spend on a AU card count towards the spend requirement?


I have the United Club card and my offer was 9,000 miles or 450 PQPs for 3K spend by June 30. I picked the PQPs. Aiming to keep status.