Targeted Capital One Shopping referral offer of $40 for both sides


Capital One Shopping is back with a targeted referral promotion. This time around, all we’ve seen so far is $40 for both sides when you refer a new customer and they sign up for Capital One Shopping and install the Capital One Shopping extension in a desktop or mobile browser and keep it for at least 7 days. That’s a pretty low bar in terms of what your friends & family need to do to trigger the bonus, though we’ve seen some higher targeted bonuses in the past.

The Deal

  • Capital One Shopping is out with a targeted referral offer to get $40 for both sides when you refer someone who signs up for a Capital One Shopping account, installs the Capital One Shopping extension in a desktop or mobile browser and keeps it installed for a minimum of 7 days
  • Stephen’s referral link

Key Terms

  • For either you or your refer-ee to qualify for a referral sign up bonus, your refer-ee cannot have or have had a Capital One Shopping account, and your refer-ee must sign up and install the Capital One Shopping desktop computer or mobile browser extension via your referral link.
  • By participating in the referral program, you are telling your refer-ee that you’re a Capital One Shopping customer.
  • Bonuses will be automatically applied to your account and your refer-ee’s account within 30 days after satisfying these requirements.
  • You may only earn up to $500 in referral bonuses per referral period.
  • Bonuses will be awarded as Capital One Shopping Rewards, and are subject to the Capital One Shopping Terms of Service.

Quick Thoughts

Capital One Shopping has been a favorite portal of mine over the past couple of years for their sometimes awesome targeted offers of up to 30% back. I’ve used many offers (and in many cases for large enough purchases to earn hundreds of dollars back on a single purchase). I think it can definitely be worth having a Capital One Shopping account and installing the extension in a browser where you’ll do some shopping in order to encourage some good targeted offers.

If you’re playing in two-player mode, it might be worth giving this a shot in Player 1 signing up through a referral and hoping to get targeted with an offer to refer Player 2. Getting this $40 bonus each (plus maybe a referral bonus if Player 1 refers Player 2) would certainly beat no bonus at all (which is what we’ve mostly seen since the beginning of this year).

On the flip side, late last year, we saw targeted offers of $150 or even $200 back for both sides after referring someone who signed up and spent $10 or more through the portal. Those offers were far more exciting — though they were very generous and I’m not at all surprised that we haven’t seen those return.

Whether it makes sense to take this offer now and get in while there’s something to get or it makes more sense to wait it out for a better offer is a matter of personal taste.

H/T: GC Galore

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Has anyone had problems with creating an account? I’ve tried multiple browsers and computers. Whoever clicks on my link and then tires to create an account gets an error saying “Unable to create account” and nothing happens.


Can’t seem to create an account is this because you maxed your referral already? I read that if you are maxed and people use it they also won’t qualify for the bonus is that true?


I don’t know why you keep promoting this app. It’s honestly the absolute worst. Many people never get the bonus even after they have completed the spending. To actually get the gift cards you have to sign away your first born as well as give them loads of private info in addition to all the browsing info they take from you. It’s seriously scammy and if you don’t believe me see the 89% of trustpilot reviews that rate the company 1 star.

Stephen Pepper

I didn’t automatically get the $200 bonus at the end of last year, but after following up with Capital One it did get credited to my account and it seemed to work for other readers too

To redeem the cashback, I think I’ve only ever had to get confirmation emails and texts from them. While it’s added a couple of minutes to the redemption process, I wouldn’t describe it as onerous considering other shopping portals often want to send verification emails or texts themselves.

The reason we sometimes highlight Capital One Shopping deals is because they can be incredibly generous, with far higher rates than you’ll get through other portals. Those rates are targeted but can be incredibly lucrative, so although the portal isn’t perfect, it’s one of the top three portals I use from day-to-day.


Unfortunately, I and others who didn’t bug them until a few days after your post never received our referral bonuses, nor did our referrals. Just responses insisting the terms were not completed (with no specifics, likely because the terms were completed).

I’ll have a very high bar to use COS (e.g. 15% vs <5%) in the future given that experience plus the gift card redemption requirement.


In the mobile app, I don’t see an option to refer anyone.

I have met the previous 500$ quota, that might be the reason.

Have to login into the laptop and see whether I have the option or not.