Targeted offers of 22.5% back at Dell, 15% IHG, many more


You do not need to have a Capital One card to use Capital One Shopping. I like to lead with that sentence because just last week I had a reader who wrote with a portal question who thought she needed to have a Capital One card to take advantage of Capital One Shopping — but that’s not the case. We’ve written many times before about great targeted Capital One Shopping offers and over the past few days I have seen a number of notable offers popping up in my account again.

The Deal

  • Capital One Shopping has a number of targeted increased portal rates available. It’s worth logging in to your Capital One Shopping account to see whether you have any attractive offers

Quick Thoughts

Capital One shopping is well known for its well above average targeted shopping portal offers. A couple of days ago, I noticed some interesting targeted offers including 22.5% back on monitors, severs and accessories at Dell. That would pair very well with cards that offer a semiannual credit for Dell purchases (though keep in mind that this rate is not valid on laptops right now).

I also now have a targeted offer for 15% back at IHG. Remember that when using a shopping portal for a hotel booking, you’re clicking through from the portal to the hotel site to ultimately book directly, so you’ll earn full hotel elite credit and hotel points for your booking. Furthermore, you do not need to book an advance purchase rate. Portals track the rate in effect at the time when you clicked through and made your booking even if it’s for a future stay and you pay at checkout. You would need to cancel and rebook any previously booked stays in order to take advantage of the 15% rate.

I’m also seeing targeted offers for numerous other stores that are well above payouts at other portal sites. For example, you can see Walmart at 10% and HSN at 21% in the screen shot above. I’m also seeing 27% back at Skechers, 18% back at Pandora, 18% back at Neiman Marcus, and lots of other sites with offers in the 15-27% back range.

Yesterday, I even saw an offer for 105% back for new customers at Temu. I’ve never bought anything from Temu, which made 105% back intriguing, but I still ultimately passed.

Keep in mind that the above are all targeted rates — you may or may not see similar rates in your Capital One Shopping account.

To find your targeted offers, simply go to the Capital One Shopping home page when logged in. You can then click the “Filters” button to select individual stores to check. Do that rather than using the search box at the top.

That’s because if you simply search with the search bar, you’ll only see standard rates. See the difference here between the Dell rate if I used the search bar versus the filters under personalized deals.

You’ll need to click the button next to the 22.5% callout to get that rate rather than going to the main Dell page through the search bar at the top.

Note that after you’ve selected a filter you still want to scroll all the buttons that come up for your chosen store. Sometimes you’ll find wildly different rates even after filtering the personalized offers. See the screen shot here below — when I selected IHG, if I hadn’t scrolled down, I wouldn’t have found the 15% button.

I’ll note that some readers have reported tracking problems with Capital One Shopping. I’ve personally earned thousands of dollars in cash back with only one tracking issue (and based on the situation, I am very confident that the tracking problem was on the retailer end in that case and Capital One made it right when I emailed customer service).

Overall, these are targeted rates worth considering. Keep in mind that Capital One Shopping rewards from the Capital One Shopping portal can only be redeemed for gift cards. Here’s a post about how I’ve been redeeming my Capital One Shopping cash back.

Don’t forget to shop around to compare rates with other portals using a tool like

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I was able to get the dell and IHG offers over the weekend as well. Plus, I took advantage of what I considered a good T-mobile offer.

$250 back in C1 shopping portal + $200 T-Mobile promo. That finally got me to take the plunge for T-Mobile Home Internet


will buying IHG points trigger the 15% discount? if so, this is huge!!!


Problem is their tracking is not as good as Rakuten and others. Sometimes the cashback comes at totally different rates. I ordered via the 22.5% cashback on Dell and received only 15%. No explanation nothing. There was no 15% category so its weird to receive only 15 instead of 22.5