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Avi Kerendian

Didn’t work in CA or TX. Anyone have success with any other state(s)?


Targeted, probably better off applying for the public offer of $300.

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According to the DoC writeup, this isn’t available nationwide. The TD terms also state that the bonus can take up to 180 days to post, and the bonus may be clawed back if you close the account within 180 days, so using 90 days to calculate an effective return seems overly optimistic. with a 180-day hold, the effective rate of less than 5% isn’t enticing.


I agree, I shouldn’t have implied you need to hold the full amount 180 days; but if you just leave a dollar in the account for the 6 months you’ll be dealing with account maintenance fees unless you jump through some more hoops, which again could potentially reduce the return… I’m not eligible due to my location, but the slim return on this one would probably leave me on the sidelines anyway.


Do you know if I can open just the checking account now and the Savings later when the funds are available?


I’m concerned about this statement: “Offer valid from December 26, 2023, through February 29, 2024, and is available only to the person addressed in the mailer or email. ” Seems targeted, isn’t it?


I might stop by the bank and talk to them.


I tried to open an account for a similar bonus last year and was informed I wasn’t eligible for a bonus because I “have received a prior personal checking account bonus at any time.” “AT ANY TIME” – it’s real.


a quick math shows the higher tier bonus for saving account is not worth it considering the high interest world we live in currently. Best deal is the lower tier bonus


somehow missed the “bumped rate” of 2.5%. Then if that’s the case, the higher tier interest is worth doing it.


On a related-ish note, does anyone know of an online resource that keeps track of various federal income-limit/phaseout levels for different benefits? For example, the tax credits for higher education expenses (American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit) start phase out from MAGI of $160K to $180K (married filing jointly). There are other thresholds like the eligibility for Roth IRA contributions, and the Child Tax Credit, but I do not know them all and I would be glad if someone else was keeping track of all of them.

I am fortunate/unfortunate to be in a spot where we will qualify for the full $2500 in AOTC based on expenditures, but my MAGI is in the phase-out range. Thus for each additional $1K of income (which these bank bonuses would include), I am giving up $250 in AOTC tax credit. Stacking that with the already-taxable nature of the bonuses means I am only netting <50% of the face value.

Respect Offender Captain Greg

So are you still going to try for this despite having a prior personal account? Or is the fine print enough to dissuade you?

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

I need to do the same thing. I’m not very good at the “always be closing” part of the bank account bonuses.


I usually wait about a month after getting the bonus and then withdraw / transfer / bill pay all funds out of the account and then contact the bank to close the account. This resets the clock for accounts that have a 1 or 2 year waiting period. Bummed to see this account has a once per lifetime restriction, but we will see if there are any positive data points about twice per lifetime 🙂


Is this nationwide?


Not nationwide. I tried, from Colorado, no go.