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Bummer, had this on my calendar to sign up for today, which I thought would still be several days before the 1/9/24 deadline. Guess they changed things, and by the looks of the comments it was a while ago. I believe this offer was still listed in the weekly “ending soon” list just last week (12/31), FYI. All good, though. On to the next offer.


They should change the deadline date to reflect an accurate one. This is disappointing 🙁


Heads up! The date has changed. You must now sign up by October 30th, 2023 to get the bonus.


Anyone know if when adding the CapitalOne Checking to a PayPal or Venmo account if it’s better to connect using the micro deposits which takes 2-3 or connecting instantly?


Does Zelle count as direct deposit?


I don’t know for Zelle, but my husband did it with CashApp and it worked. He got his $350 bonus after two days following the second transfer.


It looks like this promotion will continue until January 9, 2024?


Bingo. Got bonus on in 2 days in 2 separate accounts by transferring money from a FIDO cash management account. Will see if it works for AMEX checking account.

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Worked great for me. Already had the cap one credit card so found the specific link for the bonus and went through that. I believe I just googled it but sometimes it would also ask in the app. You have to make sure you see that code or offer on your sign up. I use an app called gusto through work in which we get paid and just used the paycheck splitter option to put $251 in each pay. Second $251 deposit was on a Friday and the next week on a Monday (10 days later) I received the bonus!

I believe the people having trouble are making this too difficult for themselves. Make sure your code is showing when you sign up, and make sure it’s a qualifying deposit/transfer from another account (call if you’re unsure)


If I already have an old (before 2021) 360 Checking open, can I open another? Do I need to convert or close the other account first?


Looks like a Push from Ally showed up as P2P, will this still qualify for the bonus?

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I pushed two deposits a week ago from Sofi and it didn’t trigger the bonus. They show up as transfers and not an ACH. It seemed to work for someone else, but it’s not working for me.


Edit: I didn’t wait long enough. The bonus did show up 7 days later.


That’s great. How much is Sofi’s bonus?


Nothing is EASY with Capital One. On the other hand AMEX checking is very easy peasy !


@Lola, if you were able to input the bonus code, I’m hoping you will get the bonus. I wasn’t able to put in the code.


Heads up. If you are already a Capital One credit card holder, site will lead you to a form that has your information and there is no ability to add BONUS350 on the application..


To clarify, I used your link. Previously had my Capital One credit card tied to my Schwab account for bill pay. When I set up account, the site simply transferred funds from Schwab to Capital One. No place to input “BONUS350.”


So does this mean the promo isn’t applied? Cause I also did the same thing? I’m wondering if I should call customer support


If using the link you don’t need to add it. It says on the top “bonus350 applied” and on the final confirmation screen at the bottom shows you that you used the bonus.

Just went for P1 & P2 easy $$.


what does two player mode mean?

Greg The Frequent Miler

It’s when two people work together to earn more rewards. For example, you can often earn extra rewards by referring each other for things where there’s a bonus for both the referrer and the person being referred.


Has anyone not having any relationship with capital one tried to open an account ? They are asking to upload drivers license or a permanent residence card. Are they discriminating ? Has someone named Nick Reyes been asked for a copy of a passport ?


I don’t have a relationship with Cap One and was instantly approved.