Thanks and No Thanks


Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks.  But, this year, I’ll throw in a “no thanks” here and there as well…


Target Prepaid REDcard (AKA REDbird)

American Airlines




American Express

American Express Gift Cards


US Bank / Club Carlson


Bank of America


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo credit: LadyDragonflyCC

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Definitely a second to the Discover bait and switch program, what a disappointment. Even though I can’t complain about saving 22% on groceries, I would not have applied for the card and taken the hard pull.

Thanks to Barclays multiple Arrivals, Hyatt and potentially HIlton for Diamond status, Wyndham for their massive re-evaluation in points, Southwest for their two year companion pass, Citi for the Prestige and fourth night free, and Amex for keeping Bluebird for another year.

No Thanks to Amex and Chase for reducing the frequency of their bonuses, Hyatt for changing their Grand Bed, and Marriott for buying Starwood.

Thanks to FM for the great blog and the blog readers for their helpful comments!

will s

echo the yelp re. discover — for having the worst, most unreliable tracking system for their miserable portal…. guaranteed to add stress to your life, while leaving the burden of proof on those who followed the pied piper into the discover’s never land….

I too have stopped using discover…. til something changes. Once that double-cash back comes at end of year one, it’ll be buh-bye discover.

Greg, when you get back from Necker Island, you owe us a major re-think on Discover…. (even if they’re still one of your sponsors)


Thank you for all your insightful posts throughout the year and wish you and your family a fruitful travel year and lots of new life experience


Oh, this could be a new tradition, of “no thanks” nods. Delightful sardony.

I add a “no thanks” to m&p bloggers who keep hawking the AMex “small business saturday” as if it’s still a big thing. Makes it easier to discern which bloggers have long sold out their integrity. (you know who you are)


Thanks for this post. Good read with my morning coffee.

I noticed United is so blah, they didn’t even make the list. LOL


Thanks citi for citigold 50k nd cc funding