The Virgin Atlantic monthly award calendar still exists. Here’s how to find it.


Virgin Atlantic has long had a very useful tool for searching awards, both when looking for flights operated by Virgin Atlantic, as well as those operated by their partners. Using Virgin’s flexible dates option, you could be shown availability for the date you searched for, as well as the entire week surrounding it. If none of these dates worked, you could then choose a price calendar to see availability for the entire month. Given how spotty availability can be on VS, it’s a very useful tool for finding available awards.

It’s been widely reported that it’s no longer possible to access that monthly calendar, as the option no longer appears on the search landing screen. Virgin says that this is intentional, but temporary…who knows for how long or why. In the meantime, it makes for a frustratingly slow search experience.

Luckily, Greg the Frequent Miler took a break from his European tour to take a peek and was able to find a workaround to access the monthly price calendar without needing to use the nonexistent button. He posted a video about it in our Frequent Miler Insider’s group and we’ll go through the process again here.

There’s still a way to access this monthly Virgin Atlantic calendar when searching for awards.

How to see Virgin Atlantic’s monthly calendar

First, go to Virgin Atlantic’s search page and enter the desired destination and origin, making sure to check the flexible dates box:

If there’s space within three days of the date that you requested, you’ll get a results screen that looks like this (if there’s not space within three days, you’ll have to try again with a different date):

The price calendar button used to appear next to the “Flexible dates,” and it’s no longer there.  But here’s the easy workaround. Notice in the address where the words “flexible-dates” appear. All you need to do is change “dates” to “calendar” like this:

Once you do that, and hit enter on the address bar, the monthly calendar view will appear as normal:

I did a quick date-by-date search and verified that the display is indeed accurate.

Quick Thoughts

Thankfully, it’s still possible to see Virgin Atlantic’s monthly calendar view, making it much easier to search for Summer/Fall availability on the site.

It’s worth noting how Greg made this happen. I’ve seen him able to use similar workarounds several times, and it’s useful to remember that sometimes pages exist on sites, even though there’s no click-through method. It’s something that I never think about doing, but it can be a very useful option to have in the toolbox.

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