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My trip to Bangkok is about to begin!  That is, it will if the jet can fly out of the horrid weather we’re experiencing today in the Detroit area.  I don’t plan to write a comprehensive trip review.  Instead, I’ll spit out mini-posts with anything interesting that happens as I go.  All posts will be tagged “bangkok” so you can follow along (in reverse order) by browsing to:

Ultimate Rewards Mall

Almost every month, the Ultimate Rewards Mall has new specials, and tomorrow morning is a new month!  Usually I write a post with my predictions of what’s coming.  This time it’s easy:  I’m predicting very little change.  Maybe it’s just wishful thinking…  I’m hoping that they hold off on the big promotions until March.

The End is Near

More and more people lately have reported that their local CVS stores have stopped carrying Vanilla Reload cards.  So far, all is still well in my neck of the woods, but I think its just a matter of time…

Gift cards count, or do they?

My wife was lucky enough to get in on the short lived 100K Amex Platinum card offer that required $3K of spend.  She met the spend requirement by buying $3K worth of Amex gift cards (after going through TopCashBack for 1.5% back).  Her statement closed last week, but no points showed up.  Then, “she” sent a private message to Amex asking about the 100K points.  The reply was that they saw that the points were pending and were happy to expedite the points into her account.  Later that day 100,001 points showed up (yay!).  I don’t know what the extra 1 point is about, nor do I know why she doesn’t yet have the 3000 points expected from the purchase of the gift cards.  Still waiting…

Valentine’s Day is Coming

Yeesh.  It seems too soon to think about that, but I thought I’d pass along a tip by reader JP, who wrote the following:

Here’s one for valentines day– go through the UR mall to Groupon, and buy the FTD $20 for $40 deal (San Diego). Get the redemption code, then go back through the UR Mall to FTD and receive more UR points– just apply the Groupon code at checkout.

I expect this would work, but I haven’t had a chance to look into it at all.  If you’re interested, also checkout this post by MommyPoints: “Maximize Points for Valentine’s Goodies (Up to 30X).”

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