[Expired] 40% to 50% transfer bonus to British Airways Avios from Membership Rewards (targeted)


American Express is offering some card members a terrific 40% or 50% transfer bonus from Membership Rewards to British Airways or Iberia Avios. With this bonus, 1,000 Membership Rewards points will get you either 1,400 or 1,500 British Airways Avios.  Even though this bonus appears to be only for British Airways Avios and not Iberia or Aer Lingus, it’s possible to move your points from one to another (see: How to transfer Avios between Aer Lingus, BA, and Iberia).

This bonus, combined with the ability to move points to Iberia, can make for some great value redemptions – including transatlantic business class for less than 25,000 Membership Rewards points each way (though keep in mind that you must transfer in increments of 1K).

The Deal

  • Targeted 40% or 50% transfer bonus when transferring Amex Membership Rewards points to British Airways Avios.

Key Terms

  • End date: There is no listed end date for this targeted bonus.  I’m guessing that it will end by June 30, 2019. Offer ended 6/16/2019.
  • Must transfer in 1,000 point increments

Quick Thoughts

This is an awesome bonus for anyone with a halfway decent redemption in mind.  We previously reported on better-than-average availability in Iberia business class from New York or Chicago to Madrid, which costs just 34,000 Avios one-way during off-peak times in Iberia’s program (note: Miami to Madrid costs a bit more but is still very reasonable). With the transfer bonus, that’s the equivalent of just under 24,300 Membership Rewards points each way. That’s a great deal for transatlantic business class travel with low fuel surcharges (~$100 total ex-US and around $135 ex-Spain).

Shorthaul flights can also be an outstanding bargain with this transfer bonus. The British Airways chart starts at 6,000 miles each way for flights under 650 miles, or 7500 miles each way for flights that start or end in the US. Those who fly with connections can do better with Iberia, as the shortest round trip itineraries can cost as few as 11,000 Iberia Avios, though note that you will have to book round trip if booking American Airlines flights (and AA flights booked with Iberia Avios are totally nonrefundable and non-changeable, so you’ll want to book with British Airways if you need flexibility).

Of course, some routes aren’t a deal and if you intend to fly through London on BA, fuel surcharges can be ridiculous. But there is definite value to be had in this bonus. As always, we have added it to our list of Current point transfer bonuses.

For some inspiration as to how to use your Avios, see these posts:

Previous transfer bonuses from Amex to Avios

This post has been updated. It was previously published under the title “40% transfer bonus to British Airways or Iberia Avios” regarding a public transfer bonus that expired November 15, 2018:

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Wow that was fast.

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BA offer expired already. Husband went to transfer today and the offer was gone. CS said the offer was good 6-10 through 6-17, hello, it is the 17th!! But no help from them, offer is gone and the guy said well technically 12:01 am is the 17th!! Oh, the joys of dealing with these CC companies. Missed out on 20,000 bonus points.

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Alan B.

Thanks for the notice. Got the 50% bonus offer on Amex Business Plus that I use regularly.


Oh man, I could really use this offer right about now. Neither one of us is targeted, though…boooo!

Ferdinand Magellan

No sign of this offer for myself (2M points) or my daughter (250K points). If we had gotten the 50% offer, I would have transferred to Iberia, which seems to have better award availability than BA.


Confirmed – I have a new 40% bonus offered. I have the gold card and use it frequently. My wife has no bonus, only has green card and never uses it. My sister has a platinum and uses it as a primary card, was targeted with 50% bonus. I think the transfer depends on what card you are holding and if you are actively using it.


No BA offer. I did (annoyingly) get a Marriott Bonvoy offer instead which is not helpful.


As fake as it gets… and with comments of eight months ago….


No love for either me or my wife. Bummer.


Are people getting emails to know they’re targeted?

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Where do you see this offer? I’m not seeing it on my AMEX page.

[…] Transfer Amex to British Airways & Iberia with a 40% Bonus Ends November 15th. […]


AmEx in Canada says they are only offering a 30% transfer bonus and it is only valid for British Airways, not Iberia. Too bad that AmEx consistently offers Canadian cardholders less well than American ones.


I have the Amex Canada Gold card and I don’t see the 30% transfer bonus. I have 42k points and have been holding on to them a long time for the bonus Avios.

30% is supposed to be a regular offer. I am not sure what weird criteria they are using to target people

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For most travellers, this is probably the best thing you can do with Membership Rewards. Just using them on AA results in terrific value — at least if you live near an AA hub and have access to their nonstop flights. More intrepid travellers can get great deals on short hauls in Europe, Australia, Asia and South America. I’ve even used them to get to Mauritius from Jo’burg.


Does anyone know what the “standard” timeframe is for points to post to your Iberia account (due to its crappy systems and support)? I know on the Chase side, Ultimate Rewards transfers are “instant” but Chase acknowledged they can take 7 days to post within Iberia (WARNING/NOTE – which is further complicated by Iberia formally telling me 3 days ago in email that it can be 15 days before Avios post from Chase).

Anyone else transfer AMEX MR and a timeframe when they actually post?


@Troy – I did a test and Amex MR transferred to IB Avios in 24 hours. I did a test with Chase too and it’s been 3 days and still not showing up – argh!

Fakey McFakeface

I transfer them to BA and then combine my avios to transfer them to Iberia. It only take a few minutes to show up if I do it that way.


Is this valid only for US based cards or internationally?


Is there a fee to transfer AMEX MR points to Avios ? Last time I did a transfer to another Freq Flyer program – I was charged ?

Nick Reyes

No – you only pay a fee when transferring Membership Rewards to US-based frequent flyer programs.