The Latest Transfer Bonuses and Partners


Yesterday I added a new resource page to The Frequent Miler blog: Citi Transfer Partners.  This page lists all of the Citi ThankYou Rewards transfer partners.  Sections of the page include “Tips,” “Best Transfer Partners”, “The Other Transfer Partners,” and “Indirect Transfer Partners” (where you can transfer points first to one program and then to another).  This page rounds out the series which now covers all 4 major transferable points programs:

And, for those who prefer spreadsheets, don’t forget about our Transfer Partner Master List where you’ll find all point transfer options in one place.

An important upgrade

Several readers suggested that I add transfer bonuses to the above pages.  Currently, there are some really good ones such as the 40% bonus when transferring Amex Membership Rewards to British Airways or Iberia Avios, and the 35% bonus for hotel transfers to Aeroplan.  It would be great to see these bonuses on the same pages where you look for transfer options.


You can now find transfer bonus info in a number of places…

You’ll find transfer bonus info in-line in the Transfer Partner Master List spreadsheet:

You’ll find all current transfer bonuses on this new page: Current point transfer bonuses

You’ll find hotel transfer bonuses on the SPG Transfer Partners page:

You’ll find Amex Membership Rewards transfer bonuses on the Amex Transfer Partners page:

You’ll find Citi ThankYou Rewards transfer bonuses on the Citi Transfer Partners page:

Future Enhancements

I’d love to add Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partners to the list, but Chase hasn’t yet offered any.  If they ever do, I’m on it.

More importantly, I’m storing the transfer bonus information in a table.  Long term, this will give us the ability to display historic transfer bonus information.  This way we’ll be able to look for patterns and hopefully predict future bonuses.

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Where do you go yo find “what websites should you use to find award availability ” link?


Great spreadsheet. I think a great data point to add would be time to transfer the points, instant, 3 days etc. sometimes you just need a few thousand to get you to an award you are ready to book and would want to pick a fast transfer partner.


Wonderful spreadsheet! Thanks so much!


One link in the Helpful tools and links section listed as “what-websites-should-you-use-to-search-for-award-availability” is not working when you hit the link.


Have you tracked the historical frequency of transfer bonuses? It would be quite useful information if there was a way to reasonably anticipate future bonuses to maximize transferrable points.


And I will be back to say thanks.